Last Night’s Opening for Bicep Set
March 15, 2013
Portland St. Patricks Day: GOSPEL with RPDR’s Willam and B40 DJs
March 16, 2013


Came across Washington D.C.’s Misun via Nacey, who produces and plays in the band. This three piece group is also comprised of Misun Wojcik (vocals) and William DeVon. Love the vibes here; Misun has a retro feel with a modern twist that’s very ideal to my ears. “Battlefields” is my favorite track from the band so far, with “Harlot” being a close second. These along with “Darkroom” and “Sharpshooter” are clues into their upcoming album, which has no release date announced. This new release will follow their The Sea EP, put out by T&A Records in July 2012.



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