Bottom Forty Interior w/ Trax Only

Bottom Forty Presents a w~a*~r*~*E~H*~o~*u~~S*~~E~ *P~**A~R~**T*~Y~*~~ with an extended sets from:


TRAX ONLY (New Orleans)

PARAMIDA (Love on the Rocks, Berlin)


Special guest host-


+More TBA

~Secret Warehouse Location on the rail road tracks (hint: same as last time)

~Learn location and more from our newsletter, sign up here:

~art, environment, lighting and sensory experience provided by Bottom Forty and local artists

~Bottom Forty is for everyone, everyone is welcome, communities are bonded over dance, there is zero tolerance for judgement/hate/phobias/harassment, this is our safe space to close our eyes and dance all night and touch souls and butts or...

SATURDAY 10.14.17




Bottom Forty Interior w/ Trax Only