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Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert.

Exclusive Mix 036: A Digital Needle

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August 21, 2014


Have you ever wanted to teleport to another city and check out a couple DJs or a club night only because of what you’ve heard? Take for example, A Digital Needle (ADN), Dylan and John are the two masterminds who make ADN the recognizable team that they are. I have come to find that both their musical selection and sound quality is exceptional. Their edits are indeed something to look forward to and covet. So if I had teleport capabilities I would put “Beam Me Up” on the top of that list. First stop, Toronto, Ontario.

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Juan Ramos EP on FWB Records

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July 26, 2014

Last time I saw Juan Ramos I was wandering the halls of Berghain basically spanging for change or a drink, after having spent every last euro I had in my short (according to locals) 12 hours of time in that maze of sex drugs and techno. It’s only fitting that the next time I see his face would be smattered across the internet via the release of his EP The Mariner. The tracks offer up an interesting combination of spacey softness and gut punching techno jabs, creating a versatility from home to headphones to dance floor to that sunrise moment. It’s also another great addition to the new and queer, but certainly flexing their underground quality, Friends With Benefits Records, run by the Two Dudes in Love (David Sternesky and Mathew Dos-Santos) as well as Trevor Sigler.

“With ties to both the European techno-elite and the American brotherhood of queer dance floor preservationists, Juan Ramos is an extraordinarily talented producer and DJ who is poised on the tipping point of international acclaim. On his debut EP ‘The Mariner (For G.G.),’ available on Friends With Benefits Records, Juan Ramos plays with organic polyrhythms that also pack a visceral punch, swaying brazenly into rollicking techno. His ethereal textures and effortlessly rising and falling melodies are punctuated by dissonant cacophonies that heighten both tension and release. ”

Check out the stream below, and grab a free download of The Mariner track over on XLR8R,

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Bottom Forty, The Revival Party

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July 23, 2014

Bottom Forty, The Revival from Nark Magazine on Vimeo.

The news is out, after months and months of work, planning and rebranding, we are so completely thrilled to announce the revival of Bottom Forty as an event and dance experience. Please join us on the 2nd Saturdays at Kremwerk, starting on August 9th, with special guest headliner and one of our top podcasters, Hyasynth.

As always, Bottom Forty’s inspiration comes from the travel and adventures of our crew, the video above was compiled from clips from my travels over the past year.

RSVP your first and last name to and we’ll give you a free Bottom Forty t-shirt upon arrival (while supplies last), if we run out, your cover charge will be halved.

Join our Facebook invite here and get ready to get lifted.

Bottom Forty Interior Revival

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Exclusive Mix 035: Jaymz Nylon

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July 22, 2014


New York native Jaymz Nylon is a name that’s been in the mix for more than a couple of years. Heralded as the godfather of Afro-tech, Jaymz’ reputation as a sought-after sound designer, producer, and remixer has continued to grow since his breakout release, “Ofunwa ‘It All Begins Here’,” thrust him into the global limelight in 1993.

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Hard Ton Will Flatten the West Coast This Summer

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July 9, 2014


The larger than life Italian disco diva Hard Ton has teamed up with our pals at Friends With Benefits Records to release a summer house anthem EP called “We Got Luv.” The EP will be released in early September and features remixes from Severino + HiFi Sean, Matrixxman and Victor Rotciv.

Hard Ton will be landing on the west coast Thursday, July 31st and hitting the following cities:

• Seattle – Thurs July 31st at Chop Suey with Ononos, The Tempers, Two Dudes In Love and Nark (Facebook event)
• Vancouver BC – Sunday Aug. 3rd at Electric Owl with Futurewife, 2DIL, and Taffi Louis (Facebook event)
• Los Angeles – Thurs Aug. 7th at Monte Cristo with Chris Bowen, Victor Rodriguez, Trevor Sigler and 2DIL
• San Francisco – Sat Aug. 9th at F8 with Trevor Sigler, 2DIL, Robin Simmons & Elaine Denham (Facebook event)

Preorder the We Got Luv EP here

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Exclusive Mix 034: Paul Goodyear

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June 27, 2014


Originally from Sydney and currently based in San Francisco, Goodyear has been headlining the world’s highest-profile clubs and parties for over 25 years. His style encapsulates an incredible range. During his sets he combines tech house, latin beats, dynamic disco and soulful house to create a signature style all his own. With many artists struggling to stay relevant as musical trends come and go and technology changes the playing field, Paul has shown a remarkable gift for not just staying abreast of these trends, but for contributing to them and shaping them himself.

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Exclusive Mix 033: The Original Pied Piper (Piper-Fiddler Organisation)

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June 13, 2014


The Pied Piper (PP) is the elusive alias of the UK Record Producer, Arranger, DJ, songwriter, Composer, drummer, percussionist, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Re-Mixer, editor and multi-instrumentalist that stands behind numerous studio projects and concept releases spanning genres such as: Deep House, Nu-Disco, Disco funk, Disco House, House, Jazz House, Nu-Jazz, Jazz Funk and so much more.

interview and tracklist after the jump

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Otterotation: Rhines live at Concentric (with Elite Force), 4-16-14

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June 13, 2014

54e04989-e832-4b1c-9fb8-eeda87c304b8A psychedelic scorcher from Rhines of the Innerflight crew, his live closing set from closing our recent Seattle party with Elite Force (Stereophoenix, One Series, DISTRIKT, London UK). If you missed it…I’m sorry. It was really, really good. Elite Force smashed it and Rhines in came in with acid to dissolve the pieces.

Recorded LIVE @ CONCENTRIC _ AD1 Studios, Seattle : 05.16.14 – mixed by Rhines by Rhines on Mixcloud

You can also download it for deeper listening on your device of choice (right click and save): 

Listen to

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Poolside’s “Stir It Up” Mixtape 5

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June 9, 2014


Poolside will be in Seattle on Friday July 25 for the Capitol Hill Block Party, and if “Stir It Up” mixtape 5 is any indication of what might be on the horizon, I’m all in. It’s genuinely a fine summer brew of Latin flavored beats such as Gilberto Gil, La Charanga 76 alongside such ec-lectric deliciousness as Regional Garland’s “Chillin Out”. It’s an ultra-hypnotic set certainly not disappointed here.
So whether you’re near a pool, lake or another water way visualize yourself diving in with them this summer. Enjoy!

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Freda Payne – Savin’ It!

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May 27, 2014
Freda Payne Hot

Freda Payne Hot

Freda Payne’s LP Hot was released in 1979 on Capitol records, produced by John Florez & Dr. Cecil Hale.
Savin It! is an ode to love in a save and spend culture of the 1970’s when the country was in a recession.
Although Ms. Payne is probably best known for her hit “Band of Gold” she has recorded an infinite amount over her career, always embracing her Jazz, R&B and Pop roots.


“Unhooked Generation: The Complete Invictus Recordings’ is a must, every single recording that Freda Payne did for Invictus is here including “You Brought Me Joy” and “Deeper and Deeper” and an alternate version of “Band Of Gold”.

Freda is also the older sister of former Supreme Scherrie Payne. This download is a vinyl rip offered up by Sounds of the 70’s Blogspot, check em’ out. Enjoy!

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