Pride Is For Everyone Nark Magazine and Bottom Forty 2017


Nark Magazine and Bottom Forty present our biggest Pride party ever, featuring two stages indoor and outdoor, a bevy of local artists displaying interactive art, projections, sculpture, kink, fetish, demos and eight consecutive hours of dance brought to you by some of the best this beautiful and amazing city has to offer in the largest space we've ever been able to provide to you.

This is a pride party for everyone, everybody and every body, because love and dance floors are not exclusive, dress to the high heavens or leave your clothes at home, this is a private space and you can take it to any level of your own desire, but most importantly this is a SAFE space for all walks of life.

This party is a rebellion against the aspects of nightlife that do not commonly involve the hard working local talent of all genders, shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds!

This party will raise funds for Gay City LGBTQ Center.

This party needs you, so please hit the invite button and send this along to your friends. This is round two of the legendary 2015 Pride is for Everyone that happened at the Big Building.

♫♫ Your 9pm-5am Lineup ♫♫

::Indoor Stage:::

Sky Deep (Reveller Records), Bottom Forty (Nark, Pavone, Sappho, Hyasynth), Shelrawka, T.Wan and Succubas B2B (TUF)

:: Outdoor Stage ::

One Love (Riz Rollins + Rob Green), Futurewife (LAX), Wesley Holmes (Flamamble), Sean Majors (Lost Boys)

:: Involved Artists ::

Nick Bartoletti, Nark, Ryan Hagis, Matt Troy (Vancouver Art & Leisure), (contact us if you want to join in)

:: Hosted by ::

Britt Brutality, Rusty Nails, Bucket (Scott Britt)

:: Dancer Squad ::

Kara Phoebe, Jade Vogelsang

:: Food Provided By ::

Destroyer Dogs

:: Documentation ::

Roman Robinson / Nark Magazine


This is part of the Nark Magazine Pride Festival Weekend, a limited number of weekend passes to all events are available here

Tickets to Pride is for Everyone specifically are available here:

Part of all proceeds benefit Gay City Health Project


SATURDAY 6.24.17


More info sent to ticket buyers later


Pride Is For Everyone Nark Magazine and Bottom Forty 2017