Aquarian Dream – Fantasy
August 4, 2013
Otterotation: Alex Agore “The Never Gonna Be Released Agore Hip Hop Beats Chronicles Vol.3”
August 6, 2013


Lurking in the shadows, Ghostek prepares his new EP for release on 9/30/13. No Way Out comes via the brand new sub label of Project Squared, fittingly called Sub Squared. My headphones are rumbling as I listen to these four track previews. Names like “Jaws” and “Vampires” match the release titles theme with ominous precision. Ghostek has become a favorite artist of mine. His production skills are top notch, with the ability to create dark environments that are rhythmically, very inviting. I focused my attention on him recently, as I gathered research for his Disco Droppings interview. He doesn’t grant these conversations very often, so I made sure his feature was packed with fresh questions and links to all things Ghostek.

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