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Exclusive Mix 049 :: Justin Green

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October 3, 2015

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Justin Gg Green, based in Stamford Uk (the most undisco town ever)

web pages:

Midnight Riot

why play music ??

my family weren’t very musical, although early memories of my mother listening and singing (poorly i may add ) were happy ones…. Petula Clark was a favourite, i had two auts that took me clubbing at the age of 13/14 ( those that know me will imagine the size of me.. i got into over 18 venues easily ) they usually left me to find men, so i was alone on the d’floor, … just taking it all in and dancin for hours until they found me and went home.

when i went to College 89/90 i had decks and an old (new then) Numark mixer with the inbuilt samper… i played all the bar nights there and set up parties mid week too… i left there to get a few warm up residency nights in Lnd but the allure of women took it toll and rolling in late led to unhappy promoters and club managers… oh to be young and invincible .. hahahah

role in music

i really don’t see i have a role in music. i just like to play upfront, brand new releases on my radio show for people to enjoy and get to hear whats being put out there…. i buy 99.9% vinyl, i have a tremendous record pimp, Ed Davies ( check him on discogs profile ) – that hooks me up with everything i want…
i have that addiction to share great music. simple.

Fav label – Artist

wow…. thats hard…. Lay Far is heat …
there are way too many labels to pick one or two out…. but maybe Glenview… Banoffee Pies… Fatty Fatty Phonographics… Red Motorbike… just to pluck a few out the hat…. you can’t forget PPU… or AOTN… so so many.

This Year.

Midnight Riot ( Andy Yam) has just set up an Agency which i’ve been signed up to and MR have recently sealed a monthly venue in Ldn too which i’m honoured to be a part of. Hopefully the MR brand ill bring some great gigs, and nights at our little venue….
whatever comes my way is a treat.


i don’t follow fashion or trends, i was brought up a diet of disco, soul and hiphop, its in my genes.. i can’t play anything else. i try and play the best in new releases, supporting as many artists and labels as i can, through my weekly live shows on back2backfm.


coming soon

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Tracklust: Copy Paste Soul’s “Say What You Want”

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May 7, 2014

artworks-000076145465-upq17m-t500x500Loving the fact that breakbeats are making their way back into house music. Enjoying the new Copy Paste Soul EP out on Gruuv.

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Exclusive Mix 031 – Wes Baggaley (London, UK)

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March 31, 2014


Wes Baggaley was found abandoned in a field somewhere in the north of England in the mid 70’s and raised on a diet of lipstick and eye shadow by a pack of transvestite wolves. At the age of 12 the feral tranny Wes was captured by a group of leather clad homosexuals and forced to listen to nothing but Hi-Nrg and disco for 4 years. When he finally escaped at the age of 16, he was picked up whilst hitch-hiking by a group of bug-eyed ravers and taken to the Hacienda. That evening the DJ collapsed from a poppers overdose and Wes jumped over the DJ booth and played the best set the clubbers at the Hacienda had ever heard in their lives. Rumour has it, Wes invented acid house in the late 80’s trying to communicate by emulating the sound of the wolves howls and the disco and hi-nrg music as these are the only noises he had ever heard. Wes is still unable to speak proper English so instead he communicates through the medium of acid house and techno at various sleazy, poppers fuelled parties around the U.K. such as Hotwired, Recon, Little Gay Brother and Tranarchy.

read more …

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Otterotation: Adam Freeland’s “Pale Blue Dot”

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March 26, 2014

artworks-000073867548-ih7hbm-t500x500In this morning’s listening queue: Adam Freeland’s mix/Ode to Carl Sagan, “Pale Blue Dot.” Freeland never lets me down with his musicianship and intelligence. Enjoy.


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Otterotation: Chris Camplin (UK), Live at Little Gay Brother at Dalston Superstore

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March 11, 2014


A mix from London, UK’s Chris Camplin, Live at Little Gay Brother – The Slumber Party at Dalston Superstore. I’ve been hanging out with this mix a bit lately and it is SOLID. Deep, housey, and a touch of techno.

Great work, Chris! (Photo by Joseph Sinclair.)

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spaceotter’s Favorite Tracks of 2013

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December 26, 2013



2013 was pretty amazing. I heard somewhere that there are something like 2000 house tracks made available via various digital, vinyl and other media every week these days; it’s great to hear the profusion of music coming out and hear everyone’s voice. My own selections for 2013 (11 of them–because it’s an architect vibration in numerology and I like that number) were mostly in the house vein with some tech/booty/nu disco tendencies. Here are some of my favorites released this year. read more …

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Exclusive Mix 019 : Red Greg

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August 22, 2013


Red Greg is an East London based DJ, who started DJ’ing in and around London in the mid 80’s, playing Street Soul, Rare Groove, Acid, Funk and House. In recent years he’s found himself spinning more and more Disco and Boogie all over the UK and around the world.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

interview and tracklist after the jump

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The UK’s Niallist

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July 28, 2013


Niall O’Conghaile aka The Niallist lives in Manchester UK. He’s a dj/producer/writer.
He’s also the man behind CVNT (Cunt Traxxx) and founding member of the group Tranarchy.
Recently I submitted some questions to get the low down on what’s happening in the UK.

Interview and CVNTY mix after the jump

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Label Showcase: Sweden’s Local Talk Records

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July 5, 2013


Now that we’ve had our annual dose of “Amurka, FUCK YEAH,” how about a little “Scandanavia, YA SURE, YA BETCHA”?

Swedish Local Talk Records has been making house waves since 2011, with a fine ear for deepness and a catalogue of artists the likes of Berlin’s Kyodai, UK’s Wil Maddams, Rennes France’s DJ Steaw, and Ireland’s Shane Linehan, among others. Forming just in time to herald the recent deep house revival, label masters Mad Mats & Tooli find, rediscover and issue tracks that revel in the glory of early house sounds. With a growing catalogue, they’ve charted some instant classics already, and have the smell of future legend.

Sound Samples After the Jump

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Arctic Gets Grimey on Shook EP

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June 19, 2013


Last month I wrote about the March’85 compilation Tracks 4 My Mom, which featured an acid track from Arctic. Well he is at it again, this time with his own Shook EP on Coyote Records. This release sits in the grime realm. I wanted to catch up with Arctic, whose been on my blog many times. So I hit up my Australian buddy and organized this new Disco Droppings interview. I take you inside his recent artist activities, which include collaborations with Seattle local Kid Smpl, London’s and the DJ/producer Brackles.

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