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Barbara King – What I Did In The Street

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October 7, 2013


Fewer moments are greater than stumbling across a rare soul track where you drop everything and say “OMG, I MUST have this now!” This is one such track that I heard while listening to a Scratchandsniff mix this weekend. This track was reissued on Fryers Records last year as a very limited 45 pressing.

Luckily, there have been a few soul compilations that have included both the original and disco versions. It was the original version I heard on Scratchandsniff’s mix, starting off with a heart-felt confession from Barbara about a regretful relationship decision. The disco version skips past the confessional dialog and right into the stomping beat, infectious hooks and the goose-bump inducing vocals. Which is your favorite version?

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Barbara King – What I Did In The Street (Original Version)
04 – Barbara King – What I Did In The Street

Barbara King – What I Did In The Street (Disco Version)
06. What I Did in the Street – Barbara King

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Motown Joints Mixer by Greg Womack

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August 11, 2013

1 motown-joints-gold

This mix has been ruling my world this weekend. It’s a 2 hour compilation of tracks by Greg Womack pulled from the newly released Motown Joints 10 volume collection of edits and mixes. The collection is compiled by Jay Negron aka J*SKI, and includes edits by Tom Moulton, John Morales, Scratchandsniff, The Apple Scruffs, Pied Piper, Whiskey Barons, U-Tern, Alkalino, Onur Engin, Drop Out Orchestra, Dimitri From Paris, Belabouche and Todd Terje. It’s epic and truly amazing.

You can download the entire 10 volume collection here.

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