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P&P Records – Hits Hits Hits

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April 13, 2013

The other day my disco den mother and fellow Bottom Forty contributor Tony Radovitch mentioned he’d picked up this amazing collection from P&P Records called “Hits Hits Hits.”

While I’m very familiar with Patrick Adams, I wasn’t clear as to the extent of his contributions to disco music. Along with Peter Brown, they released some of the best disco singles between 1975 and 1977. Songs like “Atmosphere Strut” by Cloud One, “E.S.P.” by Four Below Zero, “Charlie’s Angels” by Oral Caress and “African Rock” by Licky. All of these records are essential to any disco aficionado.

Now for the first time, the entire P&P Records catalog is available as a 15 disc set. All tracks have been gloriously remastered and packaged in an attractive box. There’s also a Serato version that includes colored time code records along with both WAV and MP3 versions of all the tracks. My only complaint is the lack of any literature in the collection. But I guess that allows the music to speak for itself, which it most certainly does.

Buy the collection at Turntable Labs. Or the monsterous Serato version at UGHH.

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