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Exclusive Mix 056 :: Stormy Roxx

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October 18, 2016


Our newest mix comes in from Portland! This dark and dancey mix was provided by Stormy Roxx.

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StormyRoxx is a Portland, Oregon based DJ who has been playing for about 20+ years.
Many of those years include producing &/or curating for several successful queer-based events as well including Booty, Jack, Blow Pony, Portland’s Red Dress Party and Stranger Disco. He has played several events in other cities along the west coast and at Burning Man for many popular camps including Tectonic Camp, BAAAHS, Comfort & Joy, Duck Pond and Lil’CrackWhore Camp.

Coming from a background of punk rock shows, clubbing and cabaret art scenes, his music style reflects a diverse and constantly evolving range of musical interests.
His sound is a blend of unusual electronica with organic nuances, exquisite layers of percussion and emotive melodies poured over a solid and hypnotic beat. His music triggers a cerebral reaction as well as a physical and primal response. The result is a deep, psychedelic, sexual, fun and adventurous experience on the dance floor.
Being a lover of music and dancing, DJing came naturally. StormyRoxx extends his invitation to all to come dancing!

1) Why do you play music?
I’ve always had a deep love for music. I consider it a divine form of art and expression.
It’s a constantly evolving and morphing concept. One can choose to be spoon fed corporate “pop” music or choose to never listen to music beyond the 80’s or 90’s, but they are missing out on an exciting multi-verse of sound and expression that unites people from all over the world.
I play music because I not only love and wanna share my love for music, but also because I wanna turn people on and bring them together. I wanna connect with them.

2) What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?
I have been DJing and throwing events for quite some time now. I wanna go further with that. I plan to promote myself further, continue producing events (large and small), collaborating and involving people from further reaches around the globe.
I also plan to start producing my own material to add my own sparkle to the universe of music.

3) Favorite label or artist from the past year?

Since I can never rest on one favorite of anything here’s a few of each.
Labels who I find consistently put out unique, inspired and quality productions…
Multi Culti
Kill the DJ

Newer artists I’m really turned on by…
Red Axes
Alien Alien
Markus Gibb
Kris Baha
There’s really so many…

4) What are you looking forward to most this year?

More of everything but better. I’ve got some new regular events in the works which I’m excited about and will be kicking off soon. I’m also excited to be DJing some bigger events I’ve been invited for such as the Vote to Dance NYE event put on by Beloved that is coming up.

5) Where do you see the Portland scene in the next 10 years?

I’ve seen the scenes in Portland evolve over the past 25 or so years. Portland is growing exponentially and the music reflects that. With that kinda growth there will continue to be a more diverse and international interest in music. While a lot of Portland still loves its retro pop, tribute bands and karaoke, there is a flourishing community of music freaks for many genres.
In the electronic/DJ scenes I have a feeling we will see/hear more people actually producing their own material and more collaborations between artists and various promoters. We are already seeing collaborations from promoters of different scenes to produce special events. The separation of queer and straight is blurring in these scenes in a really cool and positive way. I hope to see more of it.

(Intro) Mark Korven …………….Banished
Vox Low ……………………………I am a Strange Machine Sometimes
Sordid Sound System ………..The Baron
Richard Rossa ………………….Hypno Vox (Thomass Jackson Remix)
It’s A Fine Line ………………….Cardiogram featuring Olivia de Lanzac
FLXXX …………………………….Funeral (Alda remix)
Jonathan Kusuma …………….Automatone
House of Black Lanterns ……A Girl Called Desire
Markus Gibb …………………….Tang Hash
Reinhard Voigt ………………….The Buddy
Christian S ……………………….Under the River
Fango ……………………………..Rectum
DJs Parejas ……………………..Si Senor (Los Mekanikos Remix)
Proxy ………………………………Indian Film
Red Axes …………………………Waiting For a Surprise featuring Abrao (Kris Baha remix)
Fango ……………………………..Dritto (Rebolledo’s Action Sequence)
Pale Blue …………………………Distance to the Waves
Low Manuel ……………………..The Octopus
Vox Low …………………………..I Wanna See the Light (Ivan Smagghe Version)

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Bottom Forty Exclusive Mix 055 by DSKE

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September 30, 2016


Our newest mix comes in from Tokyo! A gorgeous mix of deep vinyl from the lovable DSKE.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


1) Why do you play music?
For fun!

2) What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?
support for a good party

3) Favorite label or artist from the past year?


4) What are you looking forward to most this year?

I will take my new party “Motorpool” to Contact Tokyo. it’s so exciting! 😀

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Exclusive Mix 054 :: SPRKLBB

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July 21, 2016

sprklbb bottom forty

Next up on the Bottom Forty mix series is this relentlessly fierce vinyl mix from New York’s SPRKLBB, this one really pushes you fucking hard and it feels so good, a definite favorite from us! More info below-

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Brooklyn-based SPRKLBB is Andy Egelhoff, a vinyl-only DJ and a founding resident of New York’s Ostbahnhof party. His current nightlife project is a new experimental dance party and afters series called Collapse Factory, where he is a resident selector alongside Lauren Flax of CREEP and Kimyon of Metroplex.


Why do you play music?

Playing music and collecting vinyl are sort of a hand-in-hand process for me. I collect records in this sort of parallel space of my emotional life and the events happening in the world, and after doing that for years I started to see these sorts of patterns and narratives building up. There’s these areas of darkness and stretches of just sluttly thoughtless fun. I love it. Records are like my diary, and playing music is just this abstract storytelling method. I show up to the club, get a little buzzed, and let the dance floor know where I’m at today. And the best part is that it’s a totally collective journey. When you’ve got one hundred people dancing in front of you the mood swerves and turns and by the end everything you thought you were feeling is just a collection of new emotions. It’s like therapy.

What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

I think that one of the reasons I began doing this was one that’s been shared by a lot of DJs and that’s this sense that what you want to hear isn’t being represented in the spaces that you frequent. I definitely feel that in the last decade a lot of gay scenes have been sort of shepherded into consuming music that isn’t very substantive, and I see myself as a part of a resistance pushing against that trend and encouraging a more underground sound. It’s just more in line with the history of this artform and the culture that surrounds it. But I’m also interested in raising awareness of the history of this craft, and playing vinyl is a huge part of that.

Favorite label or artist from the past year?

The Corner has had some really great releases the last few years, but I still have Beau Wanzer and Shawn O’Sullivan’s joint project Civil Duty in my play bag a year out. I think I heard Phil Moffa did some technical work on the album as well. It’s just such a terrific set of tracks, especially if you find yourself in a club or party where the line between techno and house is a bit blurry. It’s hard hitting and straightforward but surprisingly melodic. The whole album has so much subtlety and nuance, and one tiny EQ shift opens up all these other tones and sounds. It’s genius. I always have it with me and it never gets old.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m excited to see where my sound is going to travel, because I’ve been moving a lot the last two years, from trash pop to vocal house, and then to industrial house to this Berlin darkroom vibe. I’ve been moving to mostly contemporary music the last few months and am pretty happy with that direction, but I think I’d like to start figuring out how to bring some of the trash pop flares back into my work. One of the reasons I love music so much is that the major music scene of my generation was this epic commercial machine that churned out all these impossible pop stars and inevitable tragedies. That stuff can really sound like nails on a chalkboard when you play it in a club, but I think there are some themes in there that might be worth exploring. I’d like to start producing techno and industrial house using that kind of material as a starting point, and I’m really looking forward to making some of my own music this year.

RR Cook “Road Recordings” Series – Aboard the USS Columbus
Cory James – Stairs
Dub Tech Soundsystem – Aridium
Mike Dehnert – Star Base
Atom™ & Tobias. – Physik E7532
Mike Huckaby – Wavetable No. 9
Idriss D – Rip Ouarda
Young Male – All R
Anthony Parasole – Intel
Spencer Parker – Rights for Men (Adriana Lopez Remix)
Sterac – Primus
J Slusher – Artificial Scarcity
NJB – Untitled
Vapauteen – Fully Automated
Will Azada – Illuminati Traqckx
Phil Moffa – Elevation
(reprise) RR Cook “Road Recordings” Series – Aboard the USS Columbus

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