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Otterotation: ABQ’s DJ NICOLATRON, live at Viva Release Party

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July 24, 2013


Some chewy house goodness from Albuquerque’s (and B40 alumna) DJ NICOLATRON, live at the Viva Recordings Record Release party at Electric Tea Garden, Seattle, 6-28-13.  Cheers and enjoy!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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Live Mix Download: Opening for Curses! and Tensnake 4.10.13

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April 15, 2013


I got the extreme honor of sandwiching both Curses! and Tensnake last week, what a fun night that was, great energy and those guys really brought it. I am also really happy that this set is on tape, this gig really broke me out of a funk and I’m quite pleased with this disco, beachy, tropical steel plated two hour journey.

Pop it on or download it to go, you will like it I promise.

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Seattle Night Out: Flammable Sundays 3.17.13 with Brian Lyons, Xan Lucero and Alexander East

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March 21, 2013


Those of us lucky enough to live in (or visit) Seattle have no right to complain. Primary among many dance music treats and astoundingly talented DJs/producers, we have a weekly opportunity to feel the warmth and depth of Flammable: the longest-running house music weekly on the west coast. Flammable, held at Seattle dance music institution Re-bar, is hosted Sunday nights by resident DJs Brian Lyons, Wesley Holmes, Karl Kamakahi and Xan Lucero. After all these years Flammable is still the 800-pound gorilla of dance parties in Seattle, and always a joy to attend.

This Sunday, instead of traveling to Portland with my Bottom Forty compatriots for the Gospel According to Willam, I stuck around closer to home to commune with friends and loved ones during some difficult times. In doing so I was fortunate to have caught Alexander East joining Flammable resident Xan Lucero and Mr. Flammable himself Brian Lyons for a St. Patrick’s edition of Seattle’s favorite house music party.

My honey and I were both tired from being out late checking out DJ Paulo and Almond Brown showering circuit beats on shirtless muscle boys at Q the night before. But, upon hearing the music, we were so glad we hauled ourselves out. While we missed Brian’s opener, we caught Xan’s set, which was deeply and appropriately on FIRE. I nearly lost my mind when I heard he had actually recorded his set. If you missed it, this is what you missed. And yes, it was THAT good–one of the best live sets I’ve heard in my years in Seattle. Xan is quickly becoming one of my favorite DJs and people…so much heart and music all stuffed into one grinning, tattooed package.


Mixtape 109. You can visit the U:Move podcast to listen and download Xan’s mix at the link, or by clicking on the above image. And a little video of Xan rocking an earlier Flammable, for visual. He glows, and not just because of the traditional Flammable red light bulb. He loves the shit out of music, and you can hear them screaming in response in the background:

Flammable is sociologically interesting as well, being one of the most ardently mixed parties in town. It’s been a real treat to watch over time as more and more queer men, women, and transfolk “discover” Flammable with wide eyes. “I didn’t know this was here!” they say, as hugs and kisses are exchanged and people get down. Lately, it’s been populated by groups of friendly gays, trans, and straights of all colors and ages as well as a whole catalog of Seattle DJs, celebrating the uniting power of house music produced by locals and international talent alike.


Minneapolis’ Alexander East is a house music producer and DJ we all admire, a frequent Flam flyer, and important part of the Flammable sound Brian, Wes, and Karl have championed for years. He often plays live bass or sings while spinning records, bringing live flavor to an already deep, funky take on house music. His voice spreads across the beats like warm honey. This past Sunday he was additionally wearing bug antennae and grinning brightly as he brought soulful track after track.

East’s “Talk To Me” with Lawnchair Generals is a Flam staple–Brian once admitted to me with a guilty smile “I might play this one too much.” But how could he not? It’s a deep classic.

East also has a wicked falsetto, as evidenced on this deep/beatdown track with Manuel Tur.

East hasn’t released a recording of his set from this past weekend, but you can get another dose of Flammable this Sunday night with guest Justin Collins playing a special birthday set. If we’re lucky, he’ll wear his suit too. 😉

And one last: Bottom Forty’s DJ Nark live at Flammable, released a few months back on the Honey Potcast: Snap, girl!

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Last Night’s Opening for Bicep Set

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March 15, 2013


Look mom, I finally remembered to record! The dancing folks were really enjoying this last night so I figured I would upload and share. Seems like I was on a Darius Syrossian kick! Sometimes you just do what the whiskey tells you to do. Also I live for that sample in his “My Side Project” track, “You hear that? You know what that is? It’s a fucking tuba.”

Have a listen, grab a download, check out the track list below if curious, enjoy!

Grown Folk- The Boat (Gerd’s Re-work)
Darius Syrossian- Metal (Original Mix)
Emotion II Emotion- Feels Good
Frank B- Chain of Fools
Paolo Mojo, Hard Ton- Release Yourself Feat. Hard Ton (Darius Syrossian Remix)
Jem Atkins- Pushin On (Darrius Syrossian Mix)
Faze Action- Open To Your Love (Original Mix)
Darius Syrossian- My Side Project (Original Mix)
Ellis D., Junior Vasquez- Work This Pussy
Sunny Galaxy- Etcetera (Original Mix)
Dee-Lite- What Is Love (Vin Sol & Charles McCloud Remix)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs- Your Love (Waze and Odyssey Remix)
Unknown- Basement Chord
Gary Beck- Diva
Vin Sol- Psychic Convoy
Emotion II Emotion – Work
NY STOMP- The NY House Trak (Original Mix)
Kerri Chandler- Return 2 Acid (Original Mix)

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A Word With BICEP, Before They Fall Asleep

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March 14, 2013


A couple years after coming together on the decks full-time and manning their popular Feel My Bicep blog, Andy Ferguson and Matthew McBriar sit in front of two steaming bowls of Phở talking of jet lag and sleepness nights turning into days turning into gigs and back into night again as their tasty sets have taken them around the world and back, but of course the tone overall says that they wouldn’t have it any other way. Tonight we get to be another notch in Bicep’s belt as their first ever visit to Seattle is happening right now, all 12 hours of it.

So before these boys fell asleep on me in preparation to sling records tonight at Q Nightclub with Karl Kamakahi and myself, I got to squeeze a couple of questions out of them.

Nark: Is there any Seattle things you wish you could do had you more time to spend here? Spit off the space needle? Be really passive aggressive?
Bicep: Hahahaha, erm, probably try and head to some of the parks near Mt. Rainier, maybe try an climb her and then take a bath in some iced coffee to cool off!

Nark: What’s the most exciting thing coming up for you two this year?
Bicep: Really looking forward to the next release on our own label and also to our next gig at our favourite club in Berlin, Panorama Bar.

Nark: What is the secret weapon track you plan to bring out tonight? Come on, dish.
Bicep: Probably our new track we did in collaboration with Simian Mobile Disco, you are gonna just have to come down if you wanna hear it.

Bicep deliver classic house, period. Here’s something to warm you up, unless you are taking their advice and taking a nap first.


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Exclusive : B40 Mix003 by Alkalino

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March 13, 2013


I’ve had my eye on Munich-based DJ/producer Alkalino for a few years now. Originally I came across a few of his disco edits on Soundcloud and was blown away by the quality and warmth of his mixes. Then I started discovering his original productions on Juno and immediately knew we had a rising star on our hands.
Last year saw multiple releases from Alkalino, including some serious house heaters like Hot Like The Sun and Got It. His DJ mixes blend elements of funk, soul, R&B and electo together seamlessly to bring a little something to everyone. We are especially excited to bring you a DJ mix from Alkalino recorded exclusively for Bottom Forty!! But first, a few words from the man himself:

Why do you play music?

It came from the need to listen to music all the time and to share it with people.
Lots of positive energy comes out of that…its in some way my religion.

What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

At the moment I’m concentrating on original tracks and remixes rather than re-edits and reworks.
Hopefully I will be considered more as a producer and remixer than just somebody who does edits.

Favorite label or artist from the past year?

As a label I would point out R & S from Belgium, they have been releasing cutting edge tracks for more than 30years!!!

As to artists, there are a few, people like: Floating Points, Lone,
Burial, Caribou, DJ Koze, Kink, Axel Boman, Todd Terje…all brought some fresh air to the electronic dance scene.

Artist you would most like to collaborate with in the future?

I would like to work with people, whose work I’ve been admiring for years: Moritz Von Oswald, Aphex Twin, Juan Atkins, A Guy Called Gerald,
Carl Craig, Mad Mike, Andrew Weatherall…

What’s the thing you’re looking most forward to in the next year?

Continue to travel and DJ (maybe to play in the States finally:) and release good music!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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Exclusive : B40 Mix001 by Spaceotter

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March 12, 2013

Photo credit: Dennis Donohue, Camp Conception

Bottom Forty’s own spaceotter brings us the inaugural B40 exclusive podcast. His mix ensconces a moody atmosphere with a playful and jazzy opening, then morphs into a late night party soundtrack. It’s narrative is startlingly on point while maintaining elements of surprise.

Bio: Space is the place where apparent paradoxes resolve themselves through perspective. spaceotter is co-resident DJ and music director of Burning Man Camp Conception, and co-resident DJ of the Bottom Forty collective in Seattle. A decades-long drummer, pianist and MFA poet, his dedication is to creating an expression of freedom and soul in music, in which the primary considerations are musicianship, soul, playfulness and joy rather than genre.

Where are you based? Seattle, Washington


Music Archive Webpage(s):,

Why do you play music?

I’m endlessly fascinated with rhythm, texture and energy in music. I get stupid about it. I’m definitely a music nerd.

What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

Steward, community organizer, booster, den mama, keeper of the faith and channel of quality in a world of ‘product’ and ‘market niche.’

Favorite label or artist from the 2012?

Godd…I mean Todd Terje. And Local Talk records

4) What’s the thing you’re looking most forward to in 2013? – Renewal and reinvention. Change. Evolution in the face of challenge.

If your mix was a color what would it be?

The light green of a crocus shoots in Seattle late winter. The new. As a note, the mix is dedicated to musical ancestors Joe Zawinul, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter and their continued life in and through me, seasonally renewed.

Best city to get booty from DJing?

This is embarrassing! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten booty from DJing. Except my partner I guess, whom I managed to snag partially due to a mix CD a few years back. It’s been a long, great ride. 🙂

How did you come up with your DJ name?

I misheard a song lyric from a Miles Maeda trip hop mix (Control Freaks’ “Very Serious Smokin'”) as “we’re the spaceotter” and realized with all my being that’s what I was: the spaceotter. It chose me rather than vice versa.


John Tejada – Winter Skies
Weather Report – River People
Jamiel – Midnight Dancing
Miguel Migs – Tonight feat. Me’shell Ndegeocello
Soul Clap, Sergio Santos – Michael Went To Heaven
DJ Nature – Sexual Tension Scene 1
Lady Blacktronika – If Some Rain (2011 Mix)
Thomas Fehlmann – Falling Into Your Eyes
Harley Muscle – We Groove U feat. Marshall Jefferson (Marcos Baiano Remix)
M.A.N.D.Y. – Staying Home
Mic Newman – The Fidelity
Kyodai – Breaking (90s Mix)
Actual Proof – Huff & Puff
Flash Atkins – Flood Warning
KiNK – Bitter Sweet
FCL – Let’s Go

B40 Mix001

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