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spaceotter’s Favorite Tracks of 2013

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December 26, 2013



2013 was pretty amazing. I heard somewhere that there are something like 2000 house tracks made available via various digital, vinyl and other media every week these days; it’s great to hear the profusion of music coming out and hear everyone’s voice. My own selections for 2013 (11 of them–because it’s an architect vibration in numerology and I like that number) were mostly in the house vein with some tech/booty/nu disco tendencies. Here are some of my favorites released this year. read more …

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Alien Alien – “Sambaca” Remixes

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March 13, 2013

Alien Alien’s “Sambaca” was a queer revelation when it came out months ago–crazy genderfuck Italians evoking gritty European club and street scenes. New remixes out now…including these by DJ Athome & Klaus and Fabrizio Mammarella.
Available here: Listening quality (iTunes)  Full Losless/DJ quality (Traxsource)

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The amazing original for full reference…

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