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Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert.

Exclusive Mix 031 – Wes Baggaley (London, UK)

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March 31, 2014


Wes Baggaley was found abandoned in a field somewhere in the north of England in the mid 70’s and raised on a diet of lipstick and eye shadow by a pack of transvestite wolves. At the age of 12 the feral tranny Wes was captured by a group of leather clad homosexuals and forced to listen to nothing but Hi-Nrg and disco for 4 years. When he finally escaped at the age of 16, he was picked up whilst hitch-hiking by a group of bug-eyed ravers and taken to the Hacienda. That evening the DJ collapsed from a poppers overdose and Wes jumped over the DJ booth and played the best set the clubbers at the Hacienda had ever heard in their lives. Rumour has it, Wes invented acid house in the late 80’s trying to communicate by emulating the sound of the wolves howls and the disco and hi-nrg music as these are the only noises he had ever heard. Wes is still unable to speak proper English so instead he communicates through the medium of acid house and techno at various sleazy, poppers fuelled parties around the U.K. such as Hotwired, Recon, Little Gay Brother and Tranarchy.

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The UK’s Niallist

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July 28, 2013


Niall O’Conghaile aka The Niallist lives in Manchester UK. He’s a dj/producer/writer.
He’s also the man behind CVNT (Cunt Traxxx) and founding member of the group Tranarchy.
Recently I submitted some questions to get the low down on what’s happening in the UK.

Interview and CVNTY mix after the jump

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