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Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert.

spaceotter’s Favorite Tracks of 2013

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December 26, 2013



2013 was pretty amazing. I heard somewhere that there are something like 2000 house tracks made available via various digital, vinyl and other media every week these days; it’s great to hear the profusion of music coming out and hear everyone’s voice. My own selections for 2013 (11 of them–because it’s an architect vibration in numerology and I like that number) were mostly in the house vein with some tech/booty/nu disco tendencies. Here are some of my favorites released this year. read more …

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Producer Spotlight: Sweden’s Minilogue

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August 12, 2013


Malmö, Sweden’s Minilogue, composed of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson, has been at it for a minute, creating fine techno from their city just across the channel from neighboring Copenhagen, Denmark. I love their take on techno, both the minimal, the earthy, the warm, and the oceanic. Lately, I’ve been puring some of their newer works (in remix form) into my mixes, but some classics remain, of which this is but a sample of their fine catalogue.

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