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Otterotation: Elite Force Live at DISTRIKT, Burning Man 2013

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November 11, 2013


I had mentioned some of the live Burning Man 2013 sets on our Bottom Forty Facebook Group, but I wanted to highlight one that’s been making the otter-rotations on my digital devices lately.

UK’s Elite Force (aka the lovely Simon Shackleton) is one of the playa’s big superstar DJs, usually tearing down DISTRIKT or one of the other large venues with one of his famous barnstorming sets usually comprising of his own personal edits of both club classics and current bangers. This was the closing set for Tuesday’s DISTRIKT day party, and it’s clear that he’s not only spent a long time preparing his own edits for his set but also using a large degree of harmonic mixing to keep all of the tracks in compatible keys. The intro sampling Queen’s “Bohemian Rhaphsody” is especially appropriate to the experience of the desert: “Is this real life? Or is this fantasy?” Great stuff and really got me moving. read more …

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spaceotter’s playa report (Burning Man 2013)

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September 13, 2013

1173634_10200507764644653_120441661_nI’ve been on mute for a minute from Bottom Forty‚Ķfor little other reason than my hair has been on fire. For those who don’t already know, I’m a founding member of a mixed-gender and -orientation Burning Man theme camp by the name of Conception, which has grown to be one of the larger sound & arts camps from the Pacific Northwest on the playa. This year, I was the logistics lead/CEO (“Chief Executive Otter”), as well as music co-chair, treasurer, and communications lead (playfully dubbed “Lt. Uhora”) for a camp of 50 people from 8 states and 4 countries. Our extended tribe of over a hundred campers over the years remains connected, some of whom took the year off or have drifted off to form their own camps and projects. As such, August is the peak of my year, and I find myself working and planning and communicating most days and nights until I desperately need a drink but it’s already 4 hours after my bedtime and I just drop from exhaustion instead. read more …

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