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Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert.

The UK’s Niallist

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July 28, 2013


Niall O’Conghaile aka The Niallist lives in Manchester UK. He’s a dj/producer/writer.
He’s also the man behind CVNT (Cunt Traxxx) and founding member of the group Tranarchy.
Recently I submitted some questions to get the low down on what’s happening in the UK.

Interview and CVNTY mix after the jump

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Queen Champagne

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July 14, 2013

The Debras

Sometimes on a legendary night, Like the closing of the Paradise Garage, When the crowd is calling down the spirits, listen and you will hear all the houses that walked there before.
Malcolm McLaren

Recently I sat down with Marcus Brown aka Natosha “Queen Champagne” from the legendary House of La Face. The Debra’s as they came to be known dominated House Ballroom culture in Seattle nearly 25 years ago.

Interview after the jump

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