Bottom Forty

Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert.

Exclusive Mix : Tim Zawada

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July 30, 2013


Record Collector and DJ based out of Chicago. He’s the captain of the Tugboat Edit series, plays all sorts of underground disco and house and has shared the stage with everyone from James Murphy to Farley Jackmaster Funk, Junior Boys to Paul Johnson, Escort to Gene Hunt. Additional interests: Dogs, Motorcycles, Whiskey.

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Where are you based?: Chicago


1) Why do you play music?

Not sure why other than I enjoy it. I like mixing and hearing new tunes, sharing those, hearing others play stuff, just generally like music a lot.

2) What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

Continue playing unpopular music, making unpopular music.

3) Favorite label or artist from the past year?

As far as dance music – Stripped & Chewed, Razor-N-Tape, Lost My Dog, Grimy Edits, Z Records, Tugboat Edits, Supafrico, Guyna Mukat…

4) What are you looking forward to most this year?

Doing another spaced out disco party at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago later this month.

5) As a lifetime resident of Chicago, what’s your favorite/least favorite aspect of the dance scene there?

Favorite: Always something to do, all types of music, any night. Least Favorite: Sometimes there are too many good parties. Also, people in Chicago hate paying cover charges.

1. Waze & Odyssey – Be Right There
2. Adam Shaw & CJ Costigan – No1 Else
3. Roberto Rodriguez – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
4. Nicholas – Take Me Away
5. Miguel Migs – Everybody
6. La Bionda – Wanna Be Your Lover
7. Giorgio Moroder – First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love
8. Starflight – Dance to the Beat
9. Terrence Pearce – Majik
10. Bicep – Don’t
11. TEED – Your Love (W & O) Remix
12. Marty Mars – Forest Baby
13. Deodato – Keep it in the Family
14. Pete Dafeet – Stutter
15. Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)

Catch TZ at JACK Fridays at The Seattle Eagle August 9th

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