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Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert.

Exclusive Mix 048 :: Rob Winter

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September 12, 2015


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Where are you based?: Seattle, WA




1) Why do you play music?

The first time I heard a DJ produce magic with music and thought, “I NEED to be the one doing THIS!”, was Crobar, Chicago in 1998: Terri Bristol @ 2am. Since then I’ve been hooked and haven’t stopped. I think for all of us who have had a similar experience, who are compelled to do this regardless of whether we have an audience or not, the reward centers in our brain just can’t get enough of the dopamine rush that only this music brings us. I guess the short answer is: because it makes me happy every time.

2) What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

When I listen closely to our local house, I hear sounds inspired from the local band culture, from hip hop, disco, and what I like to call chill ‘Hawaiin-house’: no huge builds, on the low end of the BPM scale, but dripping with soul, funk and bass. Yet the edgier, more hypnotic music I heard clubbing as a 20-something in Chicago at 2-4am, or on my NYC trips, wasn’t represented. When I first got here in 2004, I felt like there was a sonic gap I could fill. As it turned out it was really hard to break in at a time when clubs expected circuit, hip hop, or ‘remixed’ pop songs. I had a few gigs here and there but nothing regular until I got a big break at Chapel when Jeff gave me Saturday nights in 2008. The space, clientele, and atmosphere was just a good marriage for my sound. Fast forward to 20015, and the scene in Seattle is growing fast. Club goers are open to new styles of house and techno as a result of the explosion of EDM and the hard work of groups like Decibel, Shameless, BottomForty and the Studio 4/4 crew. New venues like Monkey Loft, Kremwerk, and Q are taking bigger risks to expose Seattle to new sounds. I think my style fits into today’s landscape better than it had before: a little harder, more hypnotic and driving.

3) Favorite label or artist from the past year?

Definitely Stephan Hinz. This past year’s releases put him on the map. He’s going to be huge.

4) What are you looking forward to most this year?

As a fan – Hearing Alan Fitzpatrick at Q. I’m still in shock that he will be here. Honestly having Danny T. and Alan in a three month span has made my year!

Personally – I want to keep refining my sound and pushing my technical skill. I still have a lot to learn. At the same time I continue to draw inspiration from our local talent who are dedicated to keeping this scene professional, positive and forward thinking. I see my sound as an addition to the magic that’s happening. There’s an incredible symphony going on out there!

Track list
Kevin Over – Rude
Emanuel Satie – Do It
Anna – Distractions
Marc Houle – Coar (Julian Jeweil)
Christian Smith – Who You Are
Ruben Mandolini – Ask Yourself (The Junkies)
Ant Brooks – Tilt
Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo – 1999
Oliver Koletzki – Ipuzza
Sam Paganini – Down
Robert Capuano – Around
Stephan Hinz & Philip Ruhmhardt – Hak
Corrie – Chameleons (Pleasurekraft)
Format:B – Chunky (Robosonik)

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