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Exclusive Mix 021 : La Fraicheur

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September 16, 2013



Marathon jukebox girl from Paris via Montreal, La Fraicheur has been brewing for over a decade her own blend of Electro Synthetic Acid Psyche Rock Tropical Neon Latin Booty Soul Hip Pop Indie Folk Deep House Beats. It don’t mean a thing, yet she got that swing! Like a shaker she smoothes it all down for your ass to dance to and your heart to melt on.

She can go on for countless hours, running the gamut from 60’s classic to this new song that got released 2 hours ago, sparkling it with surprise toppings of all sorts.
Best Fro’Yo you’ll ever have.

La Fraicheur has played alongside: Justice, Yuksek, Vicarious Bliss, Leonard de Leonard, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Trust, Lauren Flax, Hannah Holland, Mattle Safer (The Rapture), Feadz, Chris de Luca (Funkstörung), Transformer di Roboter, Ada, Lady Sovereign, Crookers, Ddamage, DatA, Brodinski, Bobmo, Orgasmic, Tekilatex, We Are Enfant Terrible, Siskid, Perfect Loosers, Crame, Dee Nasty, Rodeo, Gachette Of The Mastiff, Naive New Beaters, Sweetlight, Siskid, Nark, Skiddle, Eat Tapes, Randy Twigg, Weekends Never End, Finger On The Pulse, Broadzillas DJs, Guido Goldrush and many many maaaany more
La Fraicheur has played in Paris, Berlin, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Lausanne, Marseille, Lille, Grenoble…

1) Why do you play music?

I started DJing because I was bored in clubs, it really wasn’t my favorite place to go and figured if I like 4 songs out of 2 hours of mixing, I might as well buy those four records and play them and fully enjoy 20 minutes of dancing in my living room. That was 10 years ago. Now I play music because when I don’t, I grow a third nipple on my forehead and my skin turns turquoise so I don’t have a choice really.

2) What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

Working for Leonizer Records, my role will be to keep on promoting independent artists that have a unique universe. As a DJ, I don’t think I have much of a messiah role to play, my job is to create a relevant soundtrack for people’s lives and future souvenirs. Scan the crowd and feel who they are so you can play a set that resembles what they know and feel comfortable dancing to while taking a step on the side and carrying them a little away from their beaten path, navigating just a few feet away from their comfort zone. Until the world becomes everybody’s comfort zone. Ok that’s messianic…

3) Favorite label or artist from the past year?

I stumble upon too many great producers every month to really make it a “past year” thing and be relevant. Especially since so many people can blow your mind with one track and then leave you hanging on the next 5 EPs, but my latest musical crushes that represent more than a 1-track-stand are for Soukie & Windish (deep house), Max Cooper (techno) and Rodeo (pop).

4) What are you looking forward to most this year?

Going ever deeper in the Berlin scene, which is an easy feeling to experience since there is so many places opening, dying, moving and reopening. It’s not a cliche to say this city is a playground. Since it’s constantly changing, it’s a promise of never ending excitement that keeps enthusiasm alive. We are also launching our new party “Herzensache” in Berlin & Paris. it means “from the heart” and it will be feature our friends, collaborators and heartthrobs.

Paris Haze – Could U Love Me (Mark Jackus Remix–La FraicheurEdit)
Induceve – Time To Begin (Zombie Disco Squad Mix)
Hot Coins – Geek Emotions (Jacob Korn Remix)
Chiqito – Gangbang
La Fleur – Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Drama Mix)
Tim Green – Halftone
Alexis Raphael – Brickwall (Marc Houle Remix)
Urulu – Never Again
Chiqito – Hit Me
Pachulke und Sohn – Läuft Gut

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