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Exclusive Mix 014 : Osmose

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July 7, 2013


Atlanta vinyl junkie Osmose contributes a smooth summer soundtrack to the Bottom Forty Exclusive Mix series. One half slomo funk/soul reworks and the other disco/nu-disco, this vinyl-only mix is ready for your summer BBQ, beach party, boat ride, road trip, et all., Discogs, Smokecloud Records

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“Quality Music For Forward People”

Turntablist flair with dancefloor sensibility. Osmose has worked in studios and/or nightclubs with artists as diverse as Grandmaster Flash, Sleazy McQueen, Ursula 1000, Nicola Conta, Thunderball, Ramadanman, Moldy, CaZ, Mayhem, Boozoo Bajou, Boo Williams, Kai Alce, Paul Rogers, Mykal Rose, Collie Buddz, The Aggrolites, Dubconscious and The Wailers (both versions of the group). Osmose plays a wide variety of styles from Disco, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Deep House, Nudisco and more, but always keeps it analog! With over 15 years’ experience behind the decks, Osmose not only plays in Atlanta but has a recurring DJ presence around the USA and Canada.

As of 2011 Osmose launched Smokecloud Records, a vinyl-only label that is mastered and pressed in the USA. The label’s focus is on the slower side of soul-based dance music, staying below the 115-116 bpm range and is geared toward DJs that play a diverse collection of venues, from nightclubs and lounges to cafes, bars and restaurants. Outside of vinyl releases on Smokecloud, Osmose also has music out on Sleazy McQueen’s France-based Whiskey Disco vinyl imprint, as well as a forthcoming release on The Noodleman & Fake Glasses’ new vinyl-only label out of Toronto titled Long Weekend Records, and a new vinyl project in the works with Canada’s Honey Disco man Hristo.

Where are you based?:

Currently in Atlanta, GA, USA

Smokecloud Records:

1) Why do you play music?

I’ve always played music … since I was 4 or 5 years old. I used to save up whatever money I would get when I was little and buy 45’s or LP’s, then tapes, then CDs … then back to records again. There’s beauty in symmetry, coming full circle like that. I love music and love exposing other people to quality music.

2) What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

Europe and Japan. That’s what I see in the future. The records I produce and the majority of the records I buy have a larger audience there. I need to experience that. It can only help me grow and move forward.

Outside of that, just working harder to turn out nice and useful beefy reworks for vinyl DJs, digging deeper and deeper in the crates and more traveling DJ-wise in general.

3) Favorite label or artist from the past year?

Too many to pick just one. Obviously I love all the artists on Smokecloud … I’ve invested in them and their craft with hopes that someone with far more financial resources and marketing power will discover them and take them to the next level. That’s the goal, anyway.

4) What are you looking forward to most this year?

Getting back out to San Francisco in August and back up into Canada later this year for the record release I’m involved in with Hristo (Honey Disco) and Koosh (7 Inches Of Love / Common Edit).

5) What’s the story behind your DJ name?

Misprint on a flyer in Orlando due to my own poor spelling … was supposed to be Osmosis. I just went with it. A higher power was probably helping me out in the long run.

Osmose vinyl mix exclusive for Bottom 40

Part 1 Slomo Funk & Soul Reworks
Lady Blacktronica “Good Dick” Kinda Soul recordings
Osmose “Penny’s Afterhours” Smokecloud Records
MannMadeMusic “I Choose You Hutch” Tusk
Anthony Mansfield “My First Mistake” Whiskey Disco
Henry Greenwood “Voice Of Nature” A&R Edits
Low Slung “Set Adrift” Low Slung recordings
Osmose “Dirty Disco” Smokecloud Records
The Players Union “Barry & Marvin” white
Ptaki “Marek” The Very Polish Cut Outs
Dennis Edwards “Don’t Look Any Further * The Revenge edit” white
Dennis Edwards “Don’t Look Any Further” Gordy

Part 2 Disco & Nudisco
Cole Medina “On Fire” Licorice Delight
Buzz Compass & Kraut “Wish I Didn’t Miss You” No More Hits
Cole Medina “Movin 2 Fast” Whiskey Disco
The Players Union “Mad About Ya” white
Eddie C “Coffee Way” Whiskey Disco
McFadden and Whitehead “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (The Noodleman ReWork)” white
Michael Jackson “It’s The Falling In Love (Parish unreleashed mix)” white
Charles Earland “I Will Never Tell” Columbia

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