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Exclusive Mix 013 : Futurewife

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June 23, 2013


Futurewife, the Seattle based producer/performer has produced for labels all over the world including Mortar & Pestle, Immersed Audio, Indo Silver Records, Mix le Fun, Tickle Sound, Hush Hush & most recently, joined Brilliantine in Toronto. He is anti-intellectual property and pro-dance party…

Soundcloud, Facebook, PYT Records

Why do you play music?

I got into music in my early teens producing horrid techno in MS DOS & Assembly. I have continued to produce and perform to chase the dream of that little boy… to one day produce a Björk album and receive little to no recognition.

What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

My role started out as the guy who would try (and usually fail) to get Seattlites to dance. The days of Northwestern dance-phobia are almost gone so now I have taken it upon myself to bridge the gap between traditional disco and funky house, stopping once in a while to sprinkle some UK bass in the club.

Favorite label or artist from the last year?

Favorite artist in 2013 so far: Opolopo
Favorite label: Black Acre Records

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I am really looking forward to putting my first wax disc out into the world… I keep getting side tracked and we keep pushing it back. Sad face. I have also been running a label called PYT Records and will be releasing some really great tracks & EPs by some extremely talented producers like Fukuyama, Casewag, Future Feelings, Chesto & Levantine.That’s also got me quite excited!

Opolopo – Funkd Up 2
5prite – Don’t Look Back Any Further (5prite NDYD 3k Edit)
Kleeer – Tonight (Opolopo Boogie Bounce Tweak)
The Glue – Trendy
Marlon Hoffstadt & Dansson – Hot Strings (Original Mix)
Boris Dlugosch & Roisin Murphy – Never Enough (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
Mungolian Jetset – Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks (Todd Terje’s Even Stiv-En Dub Version)
Bottin & Rodion – One for All (Extended Version)
Casewag – Missing You (Futurewife Remix)
Pulp – After You (Soulwax Remix / Futurewife Edit)
Pikcha – Jaded

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