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Exclusive Mix 006: Miss Shelrawka

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April 1, 2013

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Where are you based?
Seattle, Washington
Miss Shelrawka

Why do you play music?

I really enjoy opening up peoples ears to new sounds they may not hear otherwise. There are so many talented artists out there and amazing ideas that so many miss. I know I always find myself being like man how did I miss this track from almost a year ago? Its also another way I feel helps me let go and just be me in the moment. Coming from both the underground and performance dancer community back in NYC, I got to experience so much amazing music. I really wanted to be part of the DJ realm that brought this sound to others to enjoy or take someone on a journey that they wouldn’t know otherwise

What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

I just want to experience more with my own sound and collaborations of others sound and keep evolving it. Music constantly morphs into new styles within styles and taking it to the next level and loving each moment of it that’s what’s key. You gotta move it to keep it going. I cant handle a sound that is stagnant and mundane you need to experiment with all kinds of genres and styles

Favorite label or artist from the past year?

Kim Ann Foxman

What’s the thing you’re looking most forward to in the next year?

Creating and collaborating with other artists & seeing more and more smiling face’s on the dance floor that are just loving every second of it.

Ever had a diva moment in the DJ booth?

Hells yea I have. What bitch hasn’t? It’s the nature of the game, but in all fairness mine normally comes out when
A. When someone constantly request for hip hop when its not even that type of party
B. The equipment is a piece of shit and yet the club is a high-end venue and doesn’t maintain it
C. When working with some DJs that are timeslot hogs. When its your time to go its your time to drop it don’t ask to be up in it for another 15 mins cause you went on late or cause you had some extra tracks you wanted to throw down.

Track List-
Shenoda – Flex
Steve Bug & Miss Kitten – PainKiller
Darling Farah- Body (Jimmy Edgar remix)
Pig & Dan -Blown on the Corner
Nina Kraviz- Ghetto Kraviz
Gabe -Truly Fucked feat. M.Adam
Soundmanipulator -Imajen (Original)
Dj Hell, Anthony Rother – Boodyfarm (telekraft Dub mix)
Maceo Plex- Filthy mama
Raudive – Romantic Robot
Pig & Dan – Nummer 2 -M/in -Nummer 2

Play and download here- (Right click save link as to download)
Exclusive Mix 006

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