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Ten Best Guest DJ Adventures of 2013

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December 30, 2013
Daniel Wang, Kevin Kauer, Derek Pavone

Daniel Wang, Kevin Kauer, Derek Pavone

While everyone is posting lists of their favorite albums, movies, etc. of the year, I decided to list the Ten Best Guest DJ Adventures of the year. Since all my experiences with visiting DJs this year were phenomenal, I will list my Top Ten experiences is chronological order.

February – Sergio Fedasz and Daniel Wang


Sergio Fedasz from Go BANG! came up from San Francisco to play with me at STIFFED! Sergio was such an enthusiastic tourist that I had to take a 2 hour nap for every 4 hours I spent with him. His energy is infectious and he certainly injected some get up and go into sleepy Seattle.

Also in town the same weekend was Daniel Wang! Danny gave us topless voguing lessons at the Seattle Eagle, shamelessly flirted with Sergio, scoured the dusty record bins and was just an all-around joy to be around.

Sergio’s exclusive mix for Bottom Forty

April – Steve Fabus


The other half of San Francisco’s famed Go BANG! disco party, Steve Fabus, came up to play with me at STIFFED! We also booked him to play at the Seattle Eagle on that Friday. Steve’s set that Friday pushed the Eagle’s soundsystem to the brink twice that night. The next night he played another scorching set at Pony but fortunately didn’t push the sound overboard that night.

June – Jason Kendig

The generously bearded DJ from San Francisco’s Honey Soundsystem, Jason Kendig, came up to the Northwest to play first in Seattle and then in Portland for their pride. While I’ve seen Jason play a few times, I never had a chance to chat with him. That week made up for lost time and we got to pal around a bit. Such a well-spoken and articulate person, and an amazing DJ to boot.

July – Cyclist

Mark Penner, AKA Cyclist, hails from Toronto and blew through Seattle like a whirling dervish. We dropped this relatively subdued gentleman into the booth at the Eagle one hot and sweaty Friday night. And wouldn’t you know it, the boys of the Bird were in exceptional form that night. Clothes quickly came off, dark corners of the bar were buzzing with x-rated activities, and Mark just kept the beats pumping.

Cyclist’s exclusive mix for Bottom Forty

August – Tim Zawada

TZ is responsible for countless edits and productions mainly released on his label, Tugboat Edits, as well as other well known labels. Tim pinged me earlier in the year and said he would be out in the summer and he was itching to play in Seattle. We dropped him into the the Dirty Bird with Recess and what a great paring they made. Other than music, Tim’s biggest love is his dachshund Tugboat, for which his label is also named. How cute is that?!

Tim Zawada’s exclusive mix for Bottom Forty

September – Alkalino


Getting Alkalino to the States has been one of my dreams for over a year now. So you can imagine what a giddy school girl I became when I learned he would be making it over the pond for the very first time! Lino has made quite a name for himself, mainly with his high caliber edits and more recently his own productions. Being able to spend a few days with Lino, hitting some record stores and showing him some sites was everything to me. He was exactly as I’d imagined him to be in person. A great sense of humor, an impeccable ear for bass and rhythm and a no BS attitude. Lino was truly one of the best things to happen to me and our continent this year!

Alkalino’s exclusive mix for Bottom Forty

October – Sleazy McQueen and Bus Station John


You can learn a lot about a severely jet-lagged DJ, maybe sometimes more than you expected. Sleazy McQueen blew threw town and was here less than a day (maybe even less than half a day even). He was in an especially forthcoming mood that evening and I heard some stories I can’t share with you here. I can share that he did played a slamming 3+ hour set with impeccably selected tracks.

October STIFFED was the big Halloween edition and also the 2 year anniversary. I wanted to do something special and decided to bring up the Disco Daddy himself, Bus Station John, from San Francisco. After all, STIFFED is somewhat modeled after his weekly disco party, Tubesteak Connection. The man is a living encyclopedia of all things from the “Golden Age of Gay.” Just spending the weekend with one of my esteemed disco hero’s was one of the best treats of the year.

November – Osmose

Osmose, or JB (his real name is John Bailey), is another big name on the disco edit scene. Having worked a lot with Sleazy McQueen on his Whiskey Disco imprint, JB’s own label, Smokecloud Records, has released 10 records since it’s inception in 2011. I’d been trying to get Osmose booked in Seattle for a while and jumped on the opportunity when I heard he would be passing through the same weekend I was doing STIFFED! Knowing what an analog purist Osmose is (“All Vinyl All The Time” is his tagline), I embraced the idea of making STIFFED an all vinyl night. I practiced for weeks trying to master the perfect vinyl segue, but really no one can compare to Osmose. He dropped a few records on me from his label, the biggest highlight is the label’s newest offering featuring a funked up edit by Sleazy McQueen.

Osmose’s exclusive mix for Bottom Forty

2014 will be off to a banging start with the premier of Severino (Horse Meat Disco UK) at Jack! You won’t wanna miss this party kids!


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