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Producer Spotlight: Dirtybird’s Claude VonStroke

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October 25, 2013


Claude VonStroke (aka Barclay Crenshaw) has been making music for a while in San Francisco with his crew and label at Dirtybird Records as well as his Mothership label. His productions bear a notable playful, organic footprint, often integrating unusual body and animal sounds into goofy booty bass lines, but occasionally stretching into the sublime, and the Dirtybird parties in Golden Gate park are the stuff of local legend.

His unique voice doesn’t seem to be losing any of its potency, and his latest tracks attest that the bird is still flapping around with as much or more vigor than ever. The eponymous track “Urban Animal” from the new release sweeps in with strings and piano, somewhat somberly announcing itself before relenting into booty shaking fun and 808 claps:

Speaking of claps, my other favorite track from the release prominently (actually almost obsessively) features claps along with the silliest organ sounds imaginable and copious agogo bells. I can’t resist this dude.

Both tracks in full play on my fall mix.

A history of silliness is what this producer is about. Goofy guttural throat sounds? Why the fuck not. Throw them in with a video with a guy (?) in a blue and yellow bird costume and a bunch of ladies in lederhosen in a laundromat.

But then…there are moments where the silly can be a vehicle and precursor for the visionary. His track “Vocal Chords” is one of my all time favorites to close a dancefloor. Or to play any time really.

I cannot help but love this man. Doesn’t hurt that he’s kinda cute too. And ain’t he playing at Freaknight in Seattle on Saturday? I’ll be banging out a warehouse party with Nark, Chipmint, Erin O’Connor, Futurewife, Casewag, Wesley Holmes and Sunshine Jones that night though. Why must everyone plan their parties on the same damn night?! ¬†Oh well.

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