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A Random Wednesday Night Out: Seattle

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March 14, 2013


Seattle nightlife gets sold short at times, but there’s an underground buffet of sound waiting for those who go out. Tonight (Wednesday, March 13th), I spent some time at two of our deepest haunts, Q for “Shelter” with San Proper (Perlon/Rush Hour), Tyler Morrison and DJ Trench, and at Electric Tea Garden for “Passage” with Jaymz Nylon (Nylon Trax, Brooklyn NY) and Joey Web (Housemen, SF). Here’s what I heard.

Shelter is the brainchild of Nark’s creative direction at Q, the gifted Cody Morrison and Decibels’ Sean Horton/Nordic Soul and focuses on the upcoming techno, tech house and house artists from around the world. I missed the headliner San Proper as we drifted on and didn’t make it back, but caught locals Tyler Morrison and DJ Trench playing gorgeous techno and house. Walked in to Tyler playing this incredible record by Pepe Bradock, with a familiar string sample…

And Trench took us to Chicago for some sweet classic Paul Johnson.

We’d never been to Passage at Electric Teagarden, but quite frankly it was breathtaking. Jaymz Nylon was serving organic, deep, soulful house that doesn’t get played in Seattle otherwise, shifting from Carribean sounds to Brazilian to African to Arabic. I had heard of Passage before but never visited–I’ll be back. A couple sample records from tonight.

All This Love For You (Ralf Gum 2011 Remix) – Ralf Gum

And this track from Zepherin Saint…organic, deeply felt.


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