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Bottom Forty Welcomes… Hyasynth!

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September 13, 2014

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We’re elated to be announcing our newest member of the Bottom Forty team. First coming onto our scope with our most well received podcast, and then bringing absolute heat to the Bottom Forty Interior Revival party, this gal has been blazing across the city leaving behind a trail of pure happiness, love and body twirling house music, and it’s that energy and joy for DJ’ing that we love so much. This gal is none other thanĀ HYASYNTH!

There’s an important statement to be made here as well. Bottom Forty is a queer collective, but there is no need to confuse the word queer with gay. Up until today we may have been all homoz, and there was a reason. We wanted to show that homo DJ’s in this city can do so much more than turn out the latest radio tunes or tribal circuit parties. We have shown that, and while queer to me really only translates to “friendly, ally, or in this together”, we welcome in our newest member lovingly, because above all, top-notch music selecting, love and inspiration and bringing our dancing community together is paramount to us.

To celebrate, we just went live with Hyasynth’s live recording from the first Bottom Forty!

Bottom Forty Interior Revival w/ Hyasynth by Karen O’Branovich (Hyasynth) on Mixcloud

Please join all of us tonight (Saturday 9.13) at Kremwerk for our second installation of Bottom Forty, featuring Vin Sol! (EVENT INFO HERE)



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