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V’s Edits Volume 5

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May 25, 2013

And now for something new, well not completely new. V (aka Valique) who’s real name is Valentine Golovachev, hails from Moscow, Russia. He’s been turning out rock-solid and tight as hipster jeans edits for quite a while. His 5th volume of edits was recently released, and I must say it’s his best effort so far.

Bottom Forty’s own spaceotter turned me onto Valique last year when we were throwing our weekly party at The Cuff. He dropped V’s edit of Betty Wright‘s “Slip And Do It” which immediately sent me running up to the booth to find out who was behind this masterful edit. The original is an absolute classic, but Valique added his razor-sharp touches and extended all the right parts to make one of the best soul edits ever made.

His newest offering has 5 edits of songs I’ve never heard before and 1 from The Smiths (billed and The Smyths on this collection). Again, I cannot express how enamored I am with his editing techniques. He manages to maintain all the feeling of the original while updating it to make it mix friendly for all the beat-matching enthusiasts. Do yourself a favor and throw down the $9-12 for the full release, you’ll thank me after you do.

Here’s Betty Wright’s live version of “Slip and Do It” from Soul Train:

Pick up V’s Edits Volume 5 From Juno Download here.

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