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Time in New York: Jacques Renault, Justin Miller, and Tornado Wallace

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May 23, 2013

One of the hardest parts about spending two weeks in New York is that some of my favorite people were playing music somewhere every night, and among pumping out my own gigs and general exhaustion, my fear of missing out kept me on the streets of Manhattan night by night. No adventure out on my own, however, could have given me more of an eargasm than hitting up Cielo (pictured above) and it’s sexy sexy soundsystem.

After whisking around the upper west side a bit, and maybe a few too many tequila shots, I emerged from a cab in the Meatpacking District in a sea of girls in flowing dresses with their loose fitting denim boyfriends, everyone was shiny with a layer of grease on another hot muggy New York night, but there were no complaints after what I imagine was a long winter. I found my way into Cielo and was quickly greeted by one of my favorite smiling faces around, Jacques Renault– oh, did I mention Jacques, Justin Miller AND Tornado Wallace were the gents behind this soundsystem tonight? Quickly swept into the dj booth and handed a drink, Jacques, Justin and Luey (Tornado) were in a whiskey fueled tag team session, Justin was playing this song and I danced with the DJ girlfriends until the lights came on.

As any proper night, it ended in sunrise bagels in Brooklyn and me finding my way back to Bushwick in broad drunken daylight. After the jump below, Justin and Jacques share some new releases with us, including Justin’s new label release uploaded to Soundcloud just for us at Bottom Forty, and I’ll share my favorite Tornado Wallace track, a secret weapon I’ve been using to kick a few dancefloors square in the balls lately.

John Camp’s Credit Default Swap EP is the second release on Justin’s label HAKT Recordings and is receiving love from the likes of Todd Terje, Severino, James Murphy, Pete Herbert and many more.

Maybe the most visceral beauty of John Camp’s music is how easily he moves you into the heart of it. Take, for example, “All Ya Gotta Do,” a track that opens, sparsely – promisingly – with vibes atop a beat. In perfect time, Camp sets up a funk-heavy bassline that effectively drops the song down a level, making it a more muscular and, suddenly, fully formed track. A minute in, handclaps, glinting key dust, more funk-infused keys and rich vocals from guest singer Mr. Reed bring the song effectively to life. It’s the pitch perfect intro to a recording that blends funk, R&B and a relaxed warmth into smoothly rendered, body shifting music.

Check out the full EP below, and pick up a copy from BEATPORT.

Jacques Renault has been slinging out tracks lately, and is currently working on an exclusive mix for Bottom Forty, here is a preview of his recent Rex The Dog remix (which you can pick up on ITUNES or BEATPORT.

Here’s another killer remix by Jacques and Das Moth-

Besides having the biggest beard down under, Tornado Wallace has been putting out some of my favorite tracks lately, I can’t get enough of this one and when dropped at just the right time you are guarenteed a cheering crowd thanks to the constant slow grooving build into a flawless explosion of sound.

Pick it up here on Beatport-

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