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Surkin & Todd Edwards Make Magic On EP

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July 2, 2013


Ah, two of my favorite producers joining forces. I have a huge crush on Surkin. In addition to being super cute, he’s a highly talented producer from France. I always feel like he’s overlooked in America, and I explained this in my 2012 Disco Droppings feature, profiling hisĀ USA debut album. I love his playful, energetic production style; songs that sound like a radio show from the past, while still containing new modern twists.

Todd Edwards is from America, and has become an important piece of the house and garage community. He co-produced and provided vocals for my second favorite Daft Punk song, “Face to Face”. Most recently he collaborated with Thomas and Guy again on their new album Random Access Memories, co-writing and lending his voice to “Fragments of Time”.

I finally got around to hearing the I Want You Back EP (on Sound Pellegrino), from Surkn & Todd Edwards and I think it’s fantastic. You can hear both of their mindsets in these tracks. Very distinct, classic rhythms from Todd and young, upbeat sounds from Surkin. Can’t wait to bring these into my DJ sets.

Surkin – Facebook Soundcloud Twitter

Todd Edwards – Facebook Soundcloud Twitter


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