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Strictly Tabu

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October 10, 2013


Just when you couldn’t get any more excited, I heard of a second life for an old label. When it comes to labels Tabu was one of those hit and misses since its 1976 humble beginnings. We all know SOS Bands “Take Your Time Do It Right”, which really was the impetus that brought the label into the big time.
However it really was the early years that Tabu put out some great stuff all of which are either out now, about to be released, or in 2014.

I recently picked up Brainstorms 1977s self-titled release which has several great cuts, yes being a re-issue there are bonus tracks as well. The stand out here is “Lovin’ Is Really My Game” sang by the lovely Belita Woods belting out lyrics like “I Can’t Catch No Man Hangin’ Out At The Discotheque” you can’t go wrong here this release has something for everyone. Both “ Lovin” and “Wake Up and Be Somebody” are here in this rare live performance from “Soul Train”.

Also scheduled soon is Ms. Sharon Ridleys “Full Moon” from 1978 which has the most beautiful track on it “Changin” was a favorite of Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage. It exemplifies the range of music that was played in clubs in terms like morning music being the final set before everyone went home.

Manfredo Fest and his 1978 release “Manifestations” was celebrated for its diverse sounds that fit well into the club oriented 1970s. Manfredo’s Brazilian roots and jazz funk style and rhythm elements along with the vocal stylings of Roberta Davis beautifully featured here with her breezy, scatting voice on choice cuts like “Jungle Kitten” and “Arigo”, sadly Roberta passed away in 1999.

Saving the best for last is a Tabu Records Anthology scheduled to be released this November in the UK. Enjoy!

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