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Overdosing on the Holy Ghost…

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June 9, 2013


I have a real treat to share. This recently released compilation from Z Records out of London is brilliant.
The double CD is packed full of wonderful songs praising the almighty. I have also found that there is also a certain degree of cultural awareness too with violence, poverty and oppression, we are all human beings on this great Earth.

A few cuts really stand out, I Need You-Christian Experience with Ricky Womack. I’ll Go by Kristle has an Emotions feel to it as the liner notes say, often church choirs would use elements of current songs as a way to connect with their parishioners. There’s just so much great music on this compilation it deserves a place at your Sunday table. I was brought up hearing gospel in gay clubs in the 70’s-80’s from the likes of The Clark Sisters who are also featured on this CD. But you may also want to check out The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Inez Andrews and The Highway QCs just to name a few. Enjoy.

Holy Ghost Promo Mix by David Hill

Head on over to Z Records and pick up a copy.

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