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Otterotation: Wes Baggaley on Electronic Music Bears

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July 25, 2013


An inspirational mix from our (now finished) sister podcast,  Electronic Music Bears, run for many awesome years by Jacktone Records‘ Darren Cutlip.

London’s Wes Db has been doing great work with an ear for house and techno for a while now. From his bio on his EMB podcast:

“After a brief flirtation with thrash metal [Wes] started to frequent the legendary Wigan Pier in his home town of Wigan in 1991 (he was underage I might add!). It was all rave and piano house at the Pier back then and he was bitten by the rave bug. In 1995 he went to Back to Basics in Leeds for a friend’s birthday. Some dj he’d never heard of called Derrick Carter was playing. He was playing proper house music, techno and disco mixed together. Wes hadn’t heard anyone dj this was before and soon started to obsessively try to get to every Derrick Carter gig in the UK and discovered other djs like playing different kinds of electronic dance music and started to track down the names of the tracks and collect mix tapes and 12” singles.

Wes finally bought a pair of Technics 1210’s and a mixer in 2010. He now lived in Manchester and had built up quite a collection of vinyl from hanging around the record shops of Oldham Street on a daily basis.”

Definitely feeling all of those influences in this mix of harder techno and soulful house vibes.

Rumor has it that B40 may be getting our own podcast from Wes soon. Stay tuned. More music from Wes on his Soundcloud page:

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