Wheez-ie – Let’s Get Weird
April 22, 2013
7 Deadly Records – Love Machines
April 25, 2013

Wes DJ 1

People like to photograph London UK’s Wes DB (including fellow Londoner Adrian Lourie, who made this photo) for obvious reasons, so much so that it’s tempting to mistake Wes for one of the many shirtless gay DJs who exalt their looks as a way to market a lack of taste. This would be an underground music head’s terrible mistake: Wes is the real deal, easy both on eyes and ears with a gorgeous, refined musical voice, an aversion to everything cliche, and a passion for the real underground in dance music. And by the way, start any “bear” or “woof” business with him at your own peril because frankly, she don’t play that.

I’ve been following Wes for a few years now and his mixes are en pointe both technically and musically. But what really gets me is his unmitigated gall to buck the expected and play the authentic. His recent live mix for the Recon Full Fetish Party in London keeps it amazingly real, mixing Aphex Twin, Throbbing Gristle, DJ Nature, deep tech and deep house instead of the typical white noise builds and screaming female vocals you hear at most leather parties. And really…who can to do bondage play to “Only Girl In the World” anyhow? Listen for yourself:

Much respect to Wes for getting it so right.

Oh, and bonus Brown Laser mix (don’t ask where he got the name):