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Otterotation: Lee Burridge at Robot Heart, Burning Man 2011

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April 10, 2013


Robot Heart is my favorite deep techno roving art car on the playa at Burning Man, or pretty much anywhere. Hosting techno talent on the playa each year all week on their speaker-lined bus, their deep playa sunrise parties are the stuff of legend. In 2011, when my theme camp Conception took Flammable resident Karl Kamakahi to the playa for the first time, he returned Saturday morning around 10 am, dusty and wide eyed with wonder from an all night dance bender. When asked, he reported that Lee Burridge‘s sunrise set had just changed his life and was the most excited he’d been about music since he started DJing twenty years before. “One of the top memories of my life with the sound and the sun blending together as it rose over the ridge and on to the playa … Fucking AMAZING !!!” Burridge is a London DJ and playa superstar, and has recently released a remastered version of this 2011 set, which has become implanted in my phone as if it’s now in charge of the thing.

Karl recounts the crowd going wild as the sun was about to rise, and Burridge timed a sample from the classic pro-humanist film “Network” into his set (around 57 minutes in): First, you’ve got to get mad. You’ve got to say “I’m a human being goddamn it! My life has value!” You can hear the crowd screaming in the background as the sun rises. And it continues, and continues, burning for two more hours into psychedelic tech bliss. Burridge is reported to have been weeping at the beauty of the sunrise and the party, claiming it was the probably best set he’d ever played. Enjoy.

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Some footage from that sunrise…apparently a few people took video.

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