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New Boards of Canada album, 6/10/13

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April 30, 2013


To say that I’m a Boards of Canada nut would be an understatement. Since my friend Colin introduced me to their music in ’98 their lo-fi, warm, downtempo organica has become a staple of both my musical catalog–often the last track I play in an extended live set–and indeed, a stanchion of my existence on the planet.

So when a teaser of a new album started mysteriously appearing in a few select stores, I was hopeful but not sure I could take the bait. Their last album, “The Campfire Headphase” had been released in 2005 and it was rumored the Scottish duo Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin, who actually admitted that they are brothers shortly after, had moved to different parts of the globe and were done making music under the auspices of their former project, named for the 80s educational TV programs in their youth. According to Resident Adviser, “First, mysterious records showed up unannounced in stores on Record Store Day, and throughout the week intrepid users discovered hidden SoundCloud streams, YouTube videos and other clues. TV commercials were aired over the weekend, and then the LP suddenly appeared on web store Bleep on Monday evening.”


It appears that the new album, “Tomorrow’s Harvest” is the real deal, and will be released by Warp Records on June 10. I’m caught between trying to calmly manage expectations and being an utter non-ironic fangirl unable to reign in my excitement. A promo video from the new project:

And a bonus track “Left Side Drive” from their 2006 EP “Trans Canada Highway.” In the running for my favorite track of all time, and usually what I end a particularly important DJ set with.


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