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Juan Ramos EP on FWB Records

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July 26, 2014

Last time I saw Juan Ramos I was wandering the halls of Berghain basically spanging for change or a drink, after having spent every last euro I had in my short (according to locals) 12 hours of time in that maze of sex drugs and techno. It’s only fitting that the next time I see his face would be smattered across the internet via the release of his EP The Mariner. The tracks offer up an interesting combination of spacey softness and gut punching techno jabs, creating a versatility from home to headphones to dance floor to that sunrise moment. It’s also another great addition to the new and queer, but certainly flexing their underground quality, Friends With Benefits Records, run by the Two Dudes in Love (David Sternesky and Mathew Dos-Santos) as well as Trevor Sigler.

“With ties to both the European techno-elite and the American brotherhood of queer dance floor preservationists, Juan Ramos is an extraordinarily talented producer and DJ who is poised on the tipping point of international acclaim. On his debut EP ‘The Mariner (For G.G.),’ available on Friends With Benefits Records, Juan Ramos plays with organic polyrhythms that also pack a visceral punch, swaying brazenly into rollicking techno. His ethereal textures and effortlessly rising and falling melodies are punctuated by dissonant cacophonies that heighten both tension and release. ”

Check out the stream below, and grab a free download of The Mariner track over on XLR8R,

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