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Hot N Heavy – Destinations Vol. 2

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June 10, 2013

Destinations Vol.2 Art V1

Normally when I’m rummaging through releases online, I’ll pick out one or two songs that really work to me. Those couple of tracks from a release or an artists discography will end up in my sets. Every once in a while, I find something that is very solid as a whole and end up grabbing many or all the tracks. The other day, as I was preparing for a 4 hour set at The Eagle, I found Destinations Vol. 2  put out by Hot N Heavy Recordings. I was super impressed by this showcase of up-n-coming talent, and bought 7 out of the 14 tracks with great satisfaction. One favorite is Corporal F’s “What I Think (Original)”, super smooth and effortless. Jake Wiltshire warmed my heart with “It’s Alright (Original)”. I was correct in guessing this is also J. Wiltshire, whose How It Is EP I wrote about on B40 a bit ago.

I remember playing this on Friday and just lighting up with euphoria. Other top picks from this release are D3ADL1NE’s “Darling (Original)”, Morcee’s “Left It (Original)” and Allmostt’s “Hairdresser (Original)”. You’ll be hearing some of these tracks tomorrow when I play Moe Bar 6/11 for the first time with Sounds In Silence for a free Decibel takeover party. 8-midnight, $0.

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