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Gays Hate Techno 31: James Demon

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May 15, 2013


For those not yet in the know, one of our strongest sister podcasts is the ironically-named Gays Hate Techno out of the Bay Area. Created by Matt Fisher, GHT is now on its 31st podcast, the latest one by SF’s James Demon. Demon’s episode starts apocalyptic and goes deep and gorgeous, providing both dizzying textures and also comedy with Laverne Radix’s “Dick Control” track, sampling the now famous Alexyss Taylor “dick will make you slap somebody” video. Because dick…will make you lose control. Break off a piece:


In addition to a terrific catalog of podcasts featuring queer DJs and producers like Doc Sleep, Aaron Clark, Two Dudes in Love, Stereogamous, DJ Shiva, Jason Kendig, and many more, of GHT also hosts one of the most lively Facebook discussion groups I’ve ever seen, usually with multiple entries each day from some serious techno heads and a strong community feeling. This group is not for anything but the pure love of techno, no matter what the name suggests. Not your house, not your dubstep, not your disco, not your electro. TECHNO. Love it.


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