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Fukuyama – Boiling EP

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July 2, 2013


Our friends over at PYT Records just alerted us to a funky new release now out and available for free download on SoundCloud. Fukuyama is an odd Norwegian duo who’s love of Japanese culture and disco music has culminated in this outstanding and immensely entertaining EP called Boiling.

Raised on a steady diet of Nintendo and anime, Tramis Kain & Joshue N. Nords began recording found sounds in nature while experimenting with LSD and magic mushrooms. In 2010 the duo met a Japanese hipster who converted all their field recordings to digital files from the original cassettes. Having found their spiritual and musical muse, Fukuyama honed their talents on producing quirky and danceable tunes far from anything ever heard before.

Boiling features two vocalists who add additional personality and flair to their already strong tracks. Fellow Norwegian Ava performs on the smooth summer jam Jungle as well as the clubbed up version Junglehut. The title track features vocals by Irishman Jonas McDonnell, who’s now based in Oslo. The monophonic synth leads and carefully crafted organ chords are mixed with nature sounds that take the listener on journey through the jungle and into the club.

The rest of the EP is rounded out with a remix of the title track by Stormworks, a remix/mash-up of the title track and the second track by Stereocool and said second track Preach. Head over to their SoundClound for a boatload of other free downloads. But first, check out the entirely free download below.

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