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Exclusive Mix 033: The Original Pied Piper (Piper-Fiddler Organisation)

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June 13, 2014


The Pied Piper (PP) is the elusive alias of the UK Record Producer, Arranger, DJ, songwriter, Composer, drummer, percussionist, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Re-Mixer, editor and multi-instrumentalist that stands behind numerous studio projects and concept releases spanning genres such as: Deep House, Nu-Disco, Disco funk, Disco House, House, Jazz House, Nu-Jazz, Jazz Funk and so much more.

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Although formally trained as multimedia artist / painter / digital artist and designer at the London Institute, (PP) begun working as a DJ in the early 90’s in London immediately outlining his path spinning records that were diametrically opposite all the current trends, focusing on ultra-rare funk, P-Funk, jazz-funk, jazz-fusion, Salsoul and disco in times when Acid House and Techno were ruling the scene. The opus of the Piper-Fiddler organisation also includes edits, where PP is one of the digital pioneers in the field, having produced well over a thousand renditions, while being noted as one of the leading figures in the art of “Reproduction”.

DJ Pied Piper

When was that critical defining moment in which led to where you are today?
Karma, to create and produce, particularly the works of art, apparently without utilitarian purpose. So, the production and mastery over anything creative, the process of creation and urge to ceaselessly create more. The more I create the better I feel not only music, but fine arts, film and multimedia overall.

You are such a prolific remixoligist, Are there any specifics you look for in song choice or genre when beginning the process?
The only margin and characteristics I look for is musical, harmonic and compositional quality, the feel of it, the groove, the soul. Music either has it or it doesn’t, depending on those who produced it. If it has none of it then it’s totally unappealing, it’s appalling, un-challenging. Good music is a “Jam” irrespective of genre, but it essentially refers to only a small narrow spectrum of music across the horizon, majority which is mundane, mediocre, possesses no quality, is driven by commercialization and as a product, rather than a work of art.

I’ve re-mixed across the genres, from rock, classical rock, to disco, house, funk, reggae, pop, ska, jazz, soul, and blues. I say re-mixed, not edited, since there’s a major difference between the two. Very few people can re-mix (from up to 48 track mono multitrack) while 99.9% can only edit (meaning cut and paste).
Even less can re-produce, meaning adding their own production to existing re-mixes (or sometimes edits), since less and less people can actually play instruments, not to speak about musical literacy and composition.

They can hardly even DJ, or even mix two beat matched electronic tracks together, having to resort to pre-recorded sets.

What was the last prized record you found while out digging?
Since I went on to digitalize my 30K + collection I got rid of majority of my hard vinyl, but I ripped, restored and re-mastered all of it before selling it over, so in essence I quit digging, but one of the rarest ones I used to have, having it dug out, was Full Body‎–You Got To Dance (Stretch Records 1980), non-existent outside NYC, a Bill Simmons production.

What do you see as your role in the music world going forward?
To moderate, if possible, or at least spread the gospel of the good groove to the mass, music by the people for the people, and above all to proliferate, but only to those chosen, those few attuned to specific frequency at birth, those with the “mojo”. They’re scarce but when they turn out, it makes it all worthwhile.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
Summer is a relative term, I suspect you’re expecting that most people expect summer to be crucial in some way to their career, or that they’ll have a turning point in summer, or that they’ll capitalize something on that particular season. I operate outside time, and thus outside of seasons, so the question does not particularly apply to my case.

Isaac Hayes – Stranger In Paradise (INTRO)
Instant Funk – Crying (DJ Milla Special Mix) (BREAK OVERDUB)
Plunky & Oneness Of Juju – Every Way But Loose (Larry Levan Mix)
Blue Magic – Look Me Up Pt.2 (Jski Edit)
Instant Funk – Bodyshine (12 Inch Mix – Abridged)
Crown Heights Affair – Dancin (12 Inch Remix) (BREAK OVERDUB)
Wright Bros. Flying Machine – Leathermans’s Theme
Clyde Alexander – Got to Get Your Love (Special Kenny ‘Dope’ Edit)
Jimmy Ross – Fall Into A Trance (Hippie Torrales 12 Inch Mix)
Johnson Products – Johnson Jumpin’ (Sound Of New York 12 Inch)
Le Pamplemousse – You Can Get Off On The Music
Olympic Runners – Whatever It Takes (Extended UK 12 Inch Mix)
Universal Robot Band – Barely Breaking Even (M+M Demo)

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