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Exclusive Mix 022: The Messenger Live at Camp Conception

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September 30, 2013

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Bio: The Messenger has been a San Diego-based DJ for fourteen years, mostly playing the SoCal underground and desert party scene. He has played lots of cool parties with cool flyers with lots of famous and semi-famous DJs. He’s a member of Burning Man theme camp Bat Country.

Our exclusive mix #22 is a live recording from Burning Man 2013, where the Messenger was played the closing set at Camp Conception‘s annual XenoConception party, Wednesday night on the playa.

Messenger Links: SoundCloud  //  Facebook

1) Why do you play music?

Well, the short answer is, because I have to: 14 years ago I took the red pill…or was it the blue pill, hmm? I forget, anyway I guess it really doesn’t matter which one, the point is I am a DJ because I am addicted to being a DJ.

2) What do you see as your role in the music world going into the future?

Well, for me the future is now and right now my role is still in development.

3) Favorite label or artist from the past year?     

Hmm, my favorite label in general over the past four years has been Broken Robot and over that time Bad Tango who has several releases on BR has been my favorite producer. But, this past year I was able to break my 13 year breakbeat habit and the floodgates have been opened. Too many favorites to list! My favorite track right now is, “Dr. Who (Headroom Remix)” by Loud.

4) What are you looking forward to most this year?

Having a child.

5) For whom are you bringing messages?

Anyone present to receive them!

6) “Messenger, has anyone ever told you you’re a terrible DJ?” ~Melinda Miller



Loud – Dr. Who (Headroom remix)
Roger Rabbit – Burn Out
Odiseo & Jisre – Just Music
Phaxe & Morten Granau – Jellyhead
Solid Snake – Too Deep in Bleep (Sun Control Species remix)
FM – Never Sleep Again
Zen Mechanics – Hallucination Generation (Loud remix)
Subliminal Codes – Backmasking
Perfect Stranger – Leap of Faith (Riktam & Bansi Remix)
Durs – Pieces of Us
Lava 303 – Destination (Meller remix)
Hoffman & Crus – Firebeats
E-Click – Symbiosis

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