Kamar – I Need You (Big Dub Mad)
June 22, 2013
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee
June 23, 2013


After a chill day of sun, ice cream and cartoons I’m trying to have a little party. This techno shindig is happening in my headphones, and the man behind this private party is Adam Marshall. He’s the head of one my new favorite labels, New Kanada. If you enjoyed my recent B40 post on Graze, you’ll remember Marshall being 1/2 of this special duo (XI being the other). A couple tracks in his White Mouse EP on New Kanada have shown up in my sets at The Eagle, True Love Art Gallery and the Gospel Pride Party in Portland last weekend. This is some sleek, consistent techno, coming from a producer with over a decade of production experience.



It shows in the stable and diverse energy of this 4-track EP. “Kazan” has a simple and very effective bass line that could go over just about anything. “Spectrum” is brilliant at wiping the sonic slate clean in a set, enveloping the listeners in a swirling techno dream-scape. I’m eager to delve further into the New Kanada back catalogue, and it seems fitting to start with the Marshall, the highly talented label boss.

Adam Marshall – Soundcloud