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No Excuses…

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March 13, 2013

Pointer Sis-3
“There is no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes and heroines are or were.” -Nina Simone

Don’t you look at peoples cd’s to see what they are listening to? I do. I appreciate well-crafted instrumentals and the dubs of the early 80’s; basically I like all forms of music. Here are some of my heroes and heroines for our readers and diggers out there in the internet space.

I miss the Pointer Sisters, June, Bonnie, Anita and Ruth’s Blue Thumb recordings from 1973-1977 are great; please consider adding some of these funky gems to your collection.

Continuing on the funky R&B vein is Touch and the title track from their album Energizer as well as their instrumental version of Love Hangover is wonderful. I love music with a message; the lyrics on Energizer are a great balance with the horns and a funky 1977 synth to take you up real high.

Warren Schatz is famous for composing, producing, arranging, and conducting the orchestra for such mid- to late-1970s disco recording artists as Vicki Sue Robinson; Evelyn King and The Brothers track Under The Skin featured here, watch.


I mentioned earlier the 80’s dub scene NYC’s Futura2000 was a covert graffiti artist working with The Clash on several projects. Check out the video.

I love it when different art mediums collide and create something that still sounds great today as it did back then.

Nigeria’s Babatunde Olatunji surely influenced Candido to record Jingo but the original from 1957 is amazing!


Now to veer off into a totally different direction, Minnie Ripertons Come to My Garden from 1970 was recently re-released get it, the album is produced by Richard Rudolph her husband with some mighty fine guest spots such as Maurice White of EWF and Ramsey Lewis. Minnie passed away from cancer in 1979 but left us her music and her lovely daughter comedienne Maya Rudolph of SNL.


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