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Have you ever wanted to teleport to another city and check out a couple DJs or a club night only because of what you’ve heard? Take for example, A Digital Needle (ADN), Dylan and John are the two masterminds who make ADN the recognizable team that they are. I have come to find that both their musical selection and sound quality is exceptional. Their edits are indeed something to look forward to and covet. So if I had teleport capabilities I would put “Beam Me Up” on the top of that list. First stop, Toronto, Ontario.

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New York native Jaymz Nylon is a name that’s been in the mix for more than a couple of years. Heralded as the godfather of Afro-tech, Jaymz’ reputation as a sought-after sound designer, producer, and remixer has continued to grow since his breakout release, “Ofunwa ‘It All Begins Here’,” thrust him into the global limelight in 1993.

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The Pied Piper (PP) is the elusive alias of the UK Record Producer, Arranger, DJ, songwriter, Composer, drummer, percussionist, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Re-Mixer, editor and multi-instrumentalist that stands behind numerous studio projects and concept releases spanning genres such as: Deep House, Nu-Disco, Disco funk, Disco House, House, Jazz House, Nu-Jazz, Jazz Funk and so much more.

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Poolside will be in Seattle on Friday July 25 for the Capitol Hill Block Party, and if “Stir It Up” mixtape 5 is any indication of what might be on the horizon, I’m all in. It’s genuinely a fine summer brew of Latin flavored beats such as Gilberto Gil, La Charanga 76 alongside such ec-lectric deliciousness as Regional Garland’s “Chillin Out”. It’s an ultra-hypnotic set certainly not disappointed here.
So whether you’re near a pool, lake or another water way visualize yourself diving in with them this summer. Enjoy!


Freda Payne Hot

Freda Payne Hot

Freda Payne’s LP Hot was released in 1979 on Capitol records, produced by John Florez & Dr. Cecil Hale.
Savin It! is an ode to love in a save and spend culture of the 1970’s when the country was in a recession.
Although Ms. Payne is probably best known for her hit “Band of Gold” she has recorded an infinite amount over her career, always embracing her Jazz, R&B and Pop roots.


“Unhooked Generation: The Complete Invictus Recordings’ is a must, every single recording that Freda Payne did for Invictus is here including “You Brought Me Joy” and “Deeper and Deeper” and an alternate version of “Band Of Gold”.

Freda is also the older sister of former Supreme Scherrie Payne. This download is a vinyl rip offered up by Sounds of the 70’s Blogspot, check em’ out. Enjoy!

Dennis Coffey Band

Dennis Coffey is an American guitarist, composer and producer from Detroit, U.S.A.
Another Time, Another Place was released in 1978 on Westbound Records’ LP “A Sweet Taste of Sin”.
This full on soul regroove and repro-delight by Pied Piper is indeed wonderful and the sound quality is just incredible. I also hear elements of 1975’s Nowhere by Hokis Pokis.

The production of Mr. Coffey’s track is splendid and constructed in such a way that it beckons to be heard on a system that can serve it justice. If you like this you may want to check out Mike Theodore Orchestra’s and other collaborations/releases also on Westbound Records. Enjoy!

Peter Allen

Peter Allen

Peter Allen will always be imprinted in my mind as the flamboyant piano playing guy I saw on everybody’s variety shows in the 1970’s. Certainly recalling his marriage to Liza Minnelli as one of those what were they thinking moments? Peter and Liza

Wow, this is the perfect summer disco record and how could you lose with the co-writing talents of Mr. Allen and Carole Bayer Sager and produced by Mike Post who wrote so many TV theme songs that there are too many to list here.

This extended edit is executed beautifully by Betty Aus hailing from Australia. I have been following Betty for a little over a year now and am always pleasantly surprised with both selection and re-edits. Enjoy!


Reflex-Nicholas Laugier

The Reflex is London based French DJ / Producer, Nicolas Laugier, and if you’ve been following the music scene during the last few years you are aware of the Reflex/Revision series. Nicholas is in line with other greats by keeping true to the original recording but definitely leaving his own mark, an imprint on the dance floor. His mixes are enjoyed by countless DJ’s worldwide from House to Disco.

This set was recently posted ahead of his May 25th appearance in Hackney Wick U.K. featuring the likes of Greg Wilson, Ralph Lawson (Day and Night sets), Citizen, Psychemagik and more. I Love it. Enjoy!

Track List:
Pleasure – Let’s Dance (The Reflex Edit)
Los Charly’s Orchestra – All I Wanna Do (Al Kent Version/ The Reflex Edit)
Joey Negro & Sunburst Band – The Secret Life Of Us (The Reflex Re√ision)
TS Monk – Candidate For Love (Kon’s Mix)
Level 42 – Mind On You (John Morales Mix / The Reflex Edit)
Diana Ross – No One Gets The Prize (AC Re-Edit)
James Fox – How You Feeling (James Welsh Remix)
Jimmy Edgar – Hot, Raw, Sex

Jefferson Celestino

Jefferson Celestino

Jefferson Celestino was featured on Bottom Forty last month with his collaborative mix of Don Downing’s Doctor Boogie with his mate Carlos Francisco. Jefferson is also a member of Juicy! Agency a specialized disco & nu disco Brazilian booking agent for worldwide artists including Alkalino, 80’s Child, and Los Charly’s Orchestra among others.

His bio reads, “Just a dinosaur spinning his records for love since 1992”, that’s the way the Brazilian but Frankfurt-based Jefferson Celestino likes to describe himself. Since he left his retirement in 2011, he has dedicated his efforts in spreading the disco/nu disco cultures wherever he is invited to play.

However, his musical influences allow him to flirt with different styles during his sets, from bossa nova to jazz, from soul to funk, from Latin/Brazilian to African stuff. Yes, definitely a complete mess!
A vinyl lover, he is still one of those crazy guys who still appreciate the struggle of carrying heavy record bags full of gems, old and new, only for the pleasure to feel the real thing.

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The Jammers

The Jammers

The Jammers released “Be Mine Tonight” in 1982. It’s an electro-funk track via Salsoul Records, produced and arranged by Richie Weeks of dance group Weeks & Co. and mixed by Shep Pettibone and was a moderately popular dance record.
This vinyl edit download is from Chris Baron who currently resides in Australia. In honor of record store day this vinyl edit is perfect for you Bottom Forty followers it’s sexy and flirty, so “Be Mine Tonight”. Enjoy!