Your daily source for music new and past, a DJ and music nerds best friend, a history lesson in clubland and a radio player bringing sounds big and small to your living room.

Bottom Forty is an aural gallery for the absolute finest in music selected and compiled by only the best musicians and DJ’s, ranging anywhere from disco, soul, electro, dark wave, italo, house, funk, tribal, new wave, indie, acid, R&B, nu-disco and techno from all generations, but never inches to the top of the boring billboard charts. Our style and mission is drawn directly off the inspiration and combined experiences our traveled contributors receive from slinging tunes in clubs, speeding through city lights, digging in jungles or going wherever the wind takes them.

“Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert.”

Bottom Forty DJs:
Nark // Riff-Raff // Pavone // Spaceotter

Contributing Writer:
Tony Radovich


Past Party Guests:
In Flagranti (UK) // Honey Soundsystem (SF) // Miracles Club (PDX) // Robot Hustle (SF) // Riz Rollins // Kadeejah Streets // Amateur Youth // Taffi Louis (Vancouver) // Dana Dub // Stormy Roxx (PDX) // Blondzie // Recess (Shameless) // Up-Above // Sounds in Silence // Res // Transport // Hyasynth


Past Exclusive Mix Contributors:
Alkalino // Lady Blacktronika // Brian Maier // Two Dudes In Love // Miss Shelrawka // Doc Sleep // Victor Rodriguez // Xan Lucero // Futurewife // Osmose // Cyclist // Jimi Jaxon // Tim Zawada // Peter Struve // Red Greg // Sergio Fedasz // La Fraicheur // The Messenger // Asher Diamonds // ChipMint // Hyasynth // Taffi Louis // Vagabond Superstar // Jacques Renault // Robin Simmons // Wes Baggaley // Jefferson Celestino // Pied Piper // Paul Goodyear // Jaymz Nylon // A Digital Needle